Mihawk (3.5 billion in bounties), Crocodile (1.9 billion in bounties), Hancock (1.6 billion in bounties)←This


Crocodile has a bounty of 1.9 billion, isn’t that too high? He is 44 years old and can’t even use Haki. Is he really worthy of being a member of The seven warloads of the sea? Also, is there room for him to become stronger in the future? Japanese readers discuss. Let’s take a look at some of them.

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1: 2023/12/28 23:23:43.31 ID:sN43ZT430
Crocodile is the only one that looks wrong.

2: 2023/12/28 23:24:28.09 ID:BtLRhKUr0
the fact that Croco lost to Luffy, who can’t use Haki, is a real bummer.
This is what’s wrong with Croco.
6: 2023/12/28 23:26:28.46 ID:2rHK43KJ0
What makes you think Luffy is the only one growing?
12: 2023/12/28 23:28:36.72 ID:ywTMen+50
No, think about his age.
From the side, it looks like he didn’t even know Haki existed until now.
17: 2023/12/28 23:29:58.18 ID:Bdt7XwQk0
I don’t think they should use their age as an excuse for not being strong enough in the ONE PIECE world.
26: 2023/12/28 23:33:26.78 ID:6OuJs4PfM
7 Warlords of the Seas and he doesn’t know Haki or was he bullied?
215: 2023/12/29 01:40:20.25 ID:LtiaTDkf0
That’s a “room for growth”.
3: 2023/12/28 23:25:13.44 ID:fbmnitnP0
It’s Nika, so there’s nothing he can do about it.
4: 2023/12/28 23:25:37.65 ID:8xh3B6PX0
Not only Haki, but Gear2 isn’t even being used.
300 million should be enough.
5: 2023/12/28 23:26:04.68 ID:hOwqX6r20

To raise Croco’s rating, Hancock is also 80 million and is a member of the 7 Warlords of the Seas. Oda, you’re funny.

7: 2023/12/28 23:26:45.04 ID:YCw8P9Se0
Mihawk is a swordsman,
so the stronger the better, the cooler it looks.
8: 2023/12/28 23:27:08.52 ID:Bdt7XwQk0
Crocodile’s physicality is too weak.
Don’t get beat up so easily because he used water.
Even the poison needle was easily broken off.
Any other 7 Warlords of the Seas would have been able to take out Luffy with physical skills even without the ability.
9: 2023/12/28 23:27:25.01 ID:SwGZln4E0

Kid(bounty of 3 billion)
This one is weirder.

10: 2023/12/28 23:27:52.61 ID:E1ioLHCW0
It’s not so much Croco himself, but the result of considering that he is one of the founders of the CROSS GUILD.
11: 2023/12/28 23:28:23.41 ID:rFWT30/v0
Crocodile is Don Krieg who ate Devil Fruit, right?
13: 2023/12/28 23:29:12.83 ID:LjSbXQf30
Crocodile is as much scum as the Celestial Dragon, but for some reason he’s allowed.
14: 2023/12/28 23:29:16.93 ID:SwGZln4E0
Hancock was great because she destroyed PACIFISTA and fought Bullet on equal terms in the movie, but what about you Croco?
15: 2023/12/28 23:29:48.96 ID:Sh0ZsTch0
It’s determined by the level of danger to the government.
It’s appropriate considering that he was one of the founders of the Cross Guild.
If we only look at the fighting power, he’s probably less than Hancock’s.
16: 2023/12/28 23:29:55.55 ID:6mrIILtR0
Sand man, too many weak points.
18: 2023/12/28 23:30:24.99 ID:5UMM7Hbtd
Kid’s bounty is more ridiculous.
19: 2023/12/28 23:30:52.69 ID:BtLRhKUr0
Mihawk: just farming with Perona
Hancock: a recluse.
Crocodile: Baroque Works! Jailbreak! Cross Guild!If it’s just bad behavior, he is doing the most.
30: 2023/12/28 23:35:13.51 ID:hRRElwIQ0
I envy Mihawk farming with Perona, who is one of the cutest girls in the ONE PIECE world.😡
20: 2023/12/28 23:31:38.87 ID:ym49URRK0
Jinbe 1.1 billion is not right.
21: 2023/12/28 23:32:18.65 ID:Vnw9QgZs0
He was defeated when Haki didn’t exist in the world of ONE PIECE.
That is the truth.
22: 2023/12/28 23:32:25.66 ID:jPNVw2DF0
I know a lot of people think that bounty = fighting ability.
25: 2023/12/28 23:33:09.23 ID:sN43ZT430
That’s Mr.Oda.
27: 2023/12/28 23:34:09.39 ID:Sh0ZsTch0
23: 2023/12/28 23:32:26.41 ID:LY6OhZGa0
Mihawk is the only one who is different.
This one guy is treated as 4 Emperors of the Seas.
33: 2023/12/28 23:35:26.23 ID:sN43ZT430
I think that’s too expensive to say that it’s more expensive than Luffy’s.
24: 2023/12/28 23:32:40.11 ID:sN43ZT430
Croco is too deadly that he doesn’t know Haki.
I can’t wait for him to show me the scene where he uses Haki.
28: 2023/12/28 23:34:41.23 ID:BtLRhKUr0
I like Hancock’s kicking technique.
It’s cool.
36: 2023/12/28 23:36:34.08 ID:SwGZln4E0
I like it a lot.
I wonder if it’s Oda’s preference to draw the legs long.
41: 2023/12/28 23:39:30.11 ID:sN43ZT430
This is cool, and the drawings are great.
87: 2023/12/29 00:07:05.09 ID:Axt/cCfl0
The strength of 7 Warlords of the Seas is
Mihawk>Hancock >41 year old(Doflaming)>Jinbe>Crocodile>Moria
I think it’s roughly like this
89: 2023/12/29 00:08:25.66 ID:/UIQfgfZ0
Jinbe is much stronger than this.
91: 2023/12/29 00:09:10.82 ID:WxJiKdTb0
It’s only as good as Arlong!
93: 2023/12/29 00:10:18.02 ID:swf3XJ8T0
I think a 41 year old is about the second.
98: 2023/12/29 00:13:46.53 ID:Axt/cCfl0
A 41 year old is less than Katakuri and Cracker.
Hancock was more than a match for Bullet.
102: 2023/12/29 00:15:52.25 ID:2z4i6BC00
In addition to not being that strong, he’s also Kaido’s dog.
It’s no wonder he’s the third best.
94: 2023/12/29 00:10:52.54 ID:2AGgcwG60
Young Moriah had a one-on-one fight with Kaido and came out of it alive.
If he’s motivated enough, he’s stronger than a 41 year old.
148: 2023/12/29 00:52:59.17 ID:db9qpFqD0
Mihawk>Crocodile>Hancock >Jinbe>>41 year old🤔
152: 2023/12/29 00:55:46.93 ID:2z4i6BC00
Croco is second on the list is LOL.
Hancock is second.
156: 2023/12/29 00:59:03.54 ID:db9qpFqD0
Croco is on an even level with Bullet 😠.
163: 2023/12/29 01:01:16.50 ID:0SE9FjUv0
Hancock was more than even with Bullet.
169: 2023/12/29 01:04:39.76 ID:db9qpFqD0
She didn’t 😅.
I think Hancock’s rating was already done when she was fighting with Luffy and the others against Bullet 🤔.
Compared to Croco, who seems to be in the dark behind the scenes, or Mihawk, who just appeared and took a swing of the sword , I just can’t help it🤔.
176: 2023/12/29 01:09:35.01 ID:Axt/cCfl0
I blame Croco for losing to Luffy without gear 2.
If Luffy had at least fought with the smoke guy and defeated him, he wouldn’t have lost his rating.
181: 2023/12/29 01:12:32.62 ID:6hHF7av30
Luffy, who was quite strong when he left the village,
managed to win with a hero’s correction, so his rating won’t be diminished.
183: 2023/12/29 01:13:06.45 ID:db9qpFqD0
Killed him twice,
but the hero correction brought him back to life, so there’s nothing he can do 🤔.
155: 2023/12/29 00:57:46.88 ID:Axt/cCfl0
🐊 is not under 41 years old?
42: 2023/12/28 23:40:10.12 ID:B1MPF6Wd0
I think this would be too grotesque if you de-petrify it…
51: 2023/12/28 23:45:48.95 ID:0ywfJK7O0
Erotic and cool
I want to be killed
79: 2023/12/29 00:01:37.76 ID:2z4i6BC00
The battle drawings were great back then when it was at the height of its popularity.
I wonder how it is now.
31: 2023/12/28 23:35:17.86 ID:6mrIILtR0
But it’s better than Shanks.
Shanks got his arm eaten by a fish.