The end, like “Fullmetal Alchemist,” is so cool. isn’t it?

Fullmetal Alchemist

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1: 2023/12/14 23:35:39.780 ID:tcPk6w6F0

It’s an alchemist manga, but the main character ultimately loses his alchemy.
2: 2023/12/14 23:36:40.420 ID:C3YpdZAg0
I have no complaints about the way Fullmetal story ended, but if you ask me if it’s cool, I doubt it.
3: 2023/12/14 23:36:57.017 ID:bEkzdwxi0
That’s so cooooool…
4: 2023/12/14 23:38:48.628 ID:ed1KcURw0
I like the old version of the animation better.
5: 2023/12/14 23:38:57.529 ID:4sbB0qea0
Well, I admit that the author had the good grace to close his own path to a sequel.
6: 2023/12/14 23:40:24.608 ID:Xskzz/rjr
like a slam dunk?
7: 2023/12/14 23:42:06.038 ID:3RrrArIR0
Edward seems to be able to fight without alchemy.
9: 2023/12/14 23:43:27.224 ID:bSfu+oLq0
I love how the last part is a fisticuffs.
8: 2023/12/14 23:42:39.058 ID:EeK/VgSg0
 The end of Slam Dunk is not cool.It ended like a censored piece, leaving a lot of foreshadowing.
10: 2023/12/14 23:47:43.346 ID:d8NGBVN30
But the author is a woman.
11: 2023/12/14 23:57:36.622 ID:nMUx9yOTH
Old work that boasts a cult following even though almost 70% of it is original anime, except for the beginning.
13: 2023/12/15 00:03:51.085 ID:3vIT05kB0
Sales of the old version of the anime were pretty good, though.
12: 2023/12/14 23:58:21.857 ID:MuCWABfb0
To be honest, female artists are doing a better job drawing boys’ manga these days.
And all a man can do is elaborate on the setting.
14: 2023/12/15 00:05:51.189 ID:wpCOmLC5H
It’s true that men are more likely to be concerned with “something elaborate that’s never been done before” and aim for the unexpected, creating works that stray too far from the norm.
15: 2023/12/15 00:06:40.143 ID:e2tdpRlc0
I hate the old version of the anime except for the cast.
16: 2023/12/15 00:09:12.626 ID:LL++W1KA0
The first season had a lot of anime-originals from the beginning. Episode 4 is already anime-original.
17: 2023/12/15 00:12:48.261 ID:3vIT05kB0
In the old version of the anime, I like the setting where the homunculus is the result of human body alchemy.
When Alphonse sees Sloth struggling with having memories, asks, “Brother, what should I do?”Edward says, “Al, this is our form of sin!”
while accepting the sin of human body smelting.I especially liked the scene where they beat Sloth and move forward, but I guess these things are not good either.In the original, “Maybe it wasn’t actually my mom?” and then he started saying was wasn’t good.
19: 2023/12/15 00:24:12.316 ID:ErZ1v46S0
You know, the author made it clearthat what was smelted wasn’t the mother.
21: 2023/12/15 00:26:40.962 ID:3vIT05kB0
That’s what the author meant.
18: 2023/12/15 00:22:43.131 ID:LL++W1KA0
I like the first season except for the treatment of Winry, and to be honest,
The second season, to be honest, if you’ve read the manga, the content is the same.
20: 2023/12/15 00:26:10.156 ID:pIt6e3wC0
I was so impressed with Shambhala that actually,
I haven’t read the original yet.