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1: 2024/02/26 15:28:10.54 ID:lrR0FaaAa
No one has used it since the end of the Gojo match, and it’s strange that Itadori blessed by the BLACK FLASH hasn’t used it once!!


3: 2024/02/26 15:28:50.03 ID:gfbGz7Nsr
Well, never mind.
4: 2024/02/26 15:28:53.78 ID:GJJ4cTtDa
I just feel strange that Sukuna hasn’t used it once.
He’s the king of curses, so it’s strange that he doesn’t use it every time, isn’t it?
5: 2024/02/26 15:29:23.18 ID:IE/uva5S0
BLACH FLASH would be used at the best time.
6: 2024/02/26 15:29:32.85 ID:vYtp3atX0
BLACK FLASH is not something anyone can use intentionally.
8: 2024/02/26 15:30:23.24 ID:GjrxTmYc0
Didn’t someone use it?
11: 2024/02/26 15:30:54.69 ID:IXpScBYda
No one has used it since Gojo used it.
10: 2024/02/26 15:30:46.22 ID:uXFuq+AG0
In the anime, Itadori used it while yelling “BLACK FLASH!
32: 2024/02/26 15:44:03.49 ID:fKIhfWCdd
12: 2024/02/26 15:31:13.48 ID:yd9Fd2Jo0
Gojo “Yuji will be inscribed with Sukuna’s Cursed Technique” ← How about this?
13: 2024/02/26 15:31:34.93 ID:3h3VuHMk0
The author is thinking about which character to kill next and has long forgotten about that.
14: 2024/02/26 15:32:03.24 ID:NG/9W2J70
Isn’t it about time he knew the timing?
15: 2024/02/26 15:33:13.34 ID:knnAboaJa
This author even forgets what happened two pages ago.
17: 2024/02/26 15:34:04.37 ID:7vWeKxXJ0
Itadori doesn’t have any tricks other than punching.
18: 2024/02/26 15:34:58.74 ID:Fpu9K06u0
The author must have forgotten about Todo.
20: 2024/02/26 15:35:40.98 ID:jhue/xLBa
Todo was sent to monkey(saru) dimension because he was too powerful.
※It refers to a situation in which a semi-regular character suddenly stops appearing in a story for no apparent reason. This phenomenon is often seen in manga artist Tetsuya Saruwatari’s works, and it is said that the name comes from the fact that the characters seem to have been sucked into a different dimension.
22: 2024/02/26 15:36:58.33 ID:8Jm5ZgDSM
It’s like First Step’s critical punch.
24: 2024/02/26 15:38:29.38 ID:gvom3xTQM
The setting and characters are disposable.
25: 2024/02/26 15:38:45.17 ID:G9KJM2J70
Todo was erased because he was too useful.
The dimensional slash that mortally wounded Okkotsu and Itadori would have been replaced by Todo and ended with Sukuna’s death.
27: 2024/02/26 15:40:08.82 ID:NARuwt6E0
BLACK FLASH is probably saved for the end of the story for dramatic effect.
The end of the hero who has only one general-purpose technique as a decisive move.
28: 2024/02/26 15:41:02.33 ID:IvSxhoZ60
Todo and Angel were too strong, so they were sent to monkey dimention.
Inumaki was probably too much trouble to think of lines, so I sent him to the monkey dimention.
29: 2024/02/26 15:41:20.86 ID:eBQBq31qa
If Gojo’s BLACK FLASH can’t beat it, Itadori’s BLACK FLASH will do zero damage.
30: 2024/02/26 15:42:21.09 ID:EiKMi1/fH
It’s just not described, in fact, all of Itadori’s attacks so far have been BLACK FLASH.
33: 2024/02/26 15:44:14.79 ID:32kN03Hc0
Now that the cartoon is over, we doesn’t get a chance to remember it anymore.
34: 2024/02/26 15:46:05.65 ID:ep/3gq3Sd

In the cartoon, no one must have said BLACK FLASH with their mouths!
I think everyone was just surprised that they got it out at the right time.


like this.

36: 2024/02/26 15:47:58.31 ID:IvSxhoZ6a
Like an idiot. LOL
47: 2024/02/26 16:05:21.40 ID:AEkz0KSH0
I’m sure it’ll come out soon.
Well, Sukuna will use it.