I still can’t forgive Franky from ONE PIECE.

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1: 2023/10/26 12:21:28.70 ID:E7huduEk0
It’s scum, isn’t it?

2: 2023/10/26 12:21:41.68 ID:XPo+A1430
I haven’t forgiven Bellamy either.
40: 2023/10/26 13:02:41.38 ID:Od4wQXKw0
I’m over here too.
I’m sure he’s the one who gave Going Merry the fatal blow.
3: 2023/10/26 12:22:00.28 ID:PgMCIae80
What about Robin?
4: 2023/10/26 12:22:03.14 ID:TdDV/YcXd
I can’t stand the bone guy.
7: 2023/10/26 12:24:38.71 ID:8llSZA7U0
I wish Luffy would go back to W7 now and redo the scouting.
8: 2023/10/26 12:24:40.15 ID:sFmP24ct0
Are you Usopp?
9: 2023/10/26 12:24:53.66 ID:bIuI1LMi0
Do you think we’re saints or something?
10: 2023/10/26 12:25:58.41 ID:LO7etUC+0
He’s not that noticeable, so it’s fine.
11: 2023/10/26 12:26:44.64 ID:OHWai3aa0
In a world full of pirates, he’s one of the good guys.
12: 2023/10/26 12:27:21.98 ID:p52y603P0
I haven’t forgiven Vegeta either.
13: 2023/10/26 12:28:13.87 ID:TRF7kupD0
When I was in elementary school, I never thought Franky would be chosen.
I’m sure the author thought about choosing Paurī until the halfway point.
14: 2023/10/26 12:28:16.87 ID:MCtnUqop0
Why doesn’t Robin have any antagonists?
17: 2023/10/26 12:30:59.98 ID:bIuI1LMi0
It’s because it’s naughty.
15: 2023/10/26 12:28:19.65 ID:5JBxG8M+r
I hope someone will eat Chopper soon.
16: 2023/10/26 12:28:46.59 ID:pfDyZ4nC0
Since Robin, only the old man has joined the group.
18: 2023/10/26 12:31:56.09 ID:yYeJA7So0
Franky I was reading this thinking this guy was going to be one of them, but I forgave him at the end.
I don’t need Brook, and the weird way he was lifted up in the WCI section made me even more bitter.
19: 2023/10/26 12:32:51.57 ID:wfhlusGE0
I don’t think Vivi would have forgiven Robin either.
20: 2023/10/26 12:35:03.08 ID:HcTnZXFb0
Franky is pointlessly strong in combat. That’s no good.
21: 2023/10/26 12:35:17.07 ID:4j79rnuF0
BTW,I didn’t know Franky was meeting with Oden.
22: 2023/10/26 12:39:26.44 ID:3fNlTm1fd
Hancock in the early days was an unfashionable bum.
Now she’s a heroine.
23: 2023/10/26 12:40:13.38 ID:xnvj+loKa
The thief is the heroine.
24: 2023/10/26 12:40:42.28 ID:uICvj/7b0
If there were two tables for 5 people, one would be filled with the initial members, but Franky would break in without reading the air.
25: 2023/10/26 12:42:39.85 ID:z0pC69CT0
I thought Kaku was supposed to be one of them.
He was so cool from the first scene he appeared and he is a great shipbuilder.
He’s got a great voice, a great character design, a great personality, and he’s strong.
I was looking forward to it, thinking, “This guy will be my next companion!
I was looking forward to it, but he turned out to be just a giraffe man…
59: 2023/10/26 13:51:49.91 ID:6JkhJKNI0
I think it’s not when they have similar noses.
26: 2023/10/26 12:42:44.88 ID:P8dfGpG4M
Why do they need a musician in the first place?
29: 2023/10/26 12:46:40.10 ID:rN4vyge10
That’s what Luffy has been saying since the beginning.
33: 2023/10/26 12:50:45.99 ID:9/HAwK2h0
Possibly a condition for going to “Laugh Tale”.
27: 2023/10/26 12:44:27.22 ID:AWdK+XEx0
I thought it would eventually crack open and the old form would come out from inside, but there’s no sign of that.
28: 2023/10/26 12:45:46.38 ID:64cEn6+c0
Vivi is also the scum that bullied the whales.
30: 2023/10/26 12:47:30.90 ID:vybwfYXWr
I feel like they’re allowed to go as far as Robin because they’re so tight-knit.
Bone, Franky, and Jinbe are out.
34: 2023/10/26 12:51:49.04 ID:zqLcLAeR0
But they could have bought Jewel Tree Adam with that money.
35: 2023/10/26 12:57:11.43 ID:9r2tIXY10
Franky ”what did I do?”
36: 2023/10/26 12:58:46.00 ID:ICsSOS+s0
Why not make useless guys like Gaikotsu and Usopp captains of subordinate vessels and only let them out once in a while?
39: 2023/10/26 13:02:40.61 ID:QCUPoPkd0
But, It’s also strange that everyone on a pirate ship is competent./div>
37: 2023/10/26 12:59:24.30 ID:Ps0LwRhp0
He’s the guy who made a nice small Going Merry instead of the Going Merry that everyone cried over when they said their goodbyes.
Usopp was so excited.
42: 2023/10/26 13:04:30.41 ID:b3kwG+Rg0
If all them needed was a neck, they didn’t have to weep like that.
43: 2023/10/26 13:06:03.15 ID:9rwXm61rM
Usopp is halfway there, why is he getting on the boat?
45: 2023/10/26 13:10:12.21 ID:qyvMKQnE0
He got a pass from an examiner named Zoro, so that’s good.
46: 2023/10/26 13:11:38.80 ID:QCUPoPkd0
He’s the captain’s best friend, so I guess it doesn’t matter.
51: 2023/10/26 13:20:44.88 ID:gqrAsYnn0
The best friend is Zoro.
44: 2023/10/26 13:07:32.39 ID:lg+4z0100
Zoro「If Usopp’s first word is his deepest apology, it’s all right, but if not,he has no place to return to(very serious)」

Usopp “Wah-wah!
Zoro “…(pretending not to hear)”.
Usopp “whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
Zoro “…(pretending not to hear)”
Usopp “I’m sorry !!(sobs)”
Luffy “Zoro!
Zoro “(smiling)”
48: 2023/10/26 13:16:23.43 ID:yYeJA7So0
This is why I like Zoro, it’s cool.
I don’t really like the scene where zoro laughed at Pica’s voice though
49: 2023/10/26 13:17:47.92 ID:eNLYXQQx0
Chopper “Hey, Usopp is saying something!”
50: 2023/10/26 13:19:48.46 ID:9rwXm61rM
Only this guy was a real pirate.
47: 2023/10/26 13:11:40.86 ID:rdsRwCCH0
I guess he didn’t forgive Sasuke and Orochimaru
52: 2023/10/26 13:22:13.27 ID:1b0Ht5tgd
what is unforgivable about it?
53: 2023/10/26 13:22:47.33 ID:96VWEmpL0
I’m sure Usopp, the guy who got beat up, is already on good terms with him, so The grudge will be over.
He’s a pirate, too, so he should have been prepared for that.
54: 2023/10/26 13:24:29.62 ID:BD3ry07U0
Instead of having all their money taken from them, they got a ship similar to the one the pirate king was on.
It was more of a win-win.
56: 2023/10/26 13:27:31.73 ID:QCUPoPkd0
They spent 200 million berries of wood,
but the construction cost is practically free.
55: 2023/10/26 13:25:57.40 ID:dJld50+q0
What was the Jewel Tree Adam?
I know the boat broke down.
58: 2023/10/26 13:40:03.75 ID:C7AetzRz0
When I read it back, the initial Franky is really cool.
I don’t know why they turned out to be such a shitty design.
60: 2023/10/26 13:51:53.41 ID:NQDixrwPd
I love the old Franky
I hate the new Franky
61: 2023/10/26 13:52:13.86 ID:dNeePTPKd
I don’t know, when Franky first appeared, he was a gentle gangster who protected the city from pirates, so it makes sense that Usopp got beat up.
62: 2023/10/26 13:54:48.45 ID:3PAu2IXk0
Bakugo of “My Hero Academia” will still be hated, and even if he is rehabilitated, those who stick with him will probably stick with him for the rest of his life.