Hawk Eyes’ Mihawk, not downgraded 20 years after its first appearance


(C) Eiichiro Oda/SHUEISHA INC.

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What the hell is this guy…

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He’s a bullying scumbag who has been a bully to the weak from the start.
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It’s just a way to pass the time…
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Despite killing time, the thing is persistent.
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Who is the strongest among the 7 Warlords of the Seas?
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His reputation is much tarnished.
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He’s a shabby guy who’s traveled a long way chasing small fry from the start.
9: ID:VZE94tbEr.net
He’s a dead character when he got familiar with Zoro.
17: ID:1a9wRjBs0.net
That was the one that made me think “Oh, Oda’s not going to write a rematch with Mihawk”
18: ID:kwTAPn8p0.net
Seriously, that’s it.
I wish he would have kept more distance from Zoro.
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He’s compromised by Warlords of the Seas, so it’s no wonder he’s downgraded.
11: ID:MvPt35HZ0.net
The storongest uncle to clothe his weapon with Haki
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7 Warlords of the Seas is a small fish that can’t even match the cadre of 4 Emperors of the Seas.
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He’s Rating is going up on its own due to rival Shanks being treated as a stronger and stronger player.
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Recently there’s almost no description of the battle.
16: ID:k+iGoICtp.net
He failed to finish off a mook like Don Krieg.
20: ID:jblazNUxd.net
There’s no other swordsman at the level that can give despair.
21: ID:6k8L8BpTM.net
He got desperate when he heard that Shanks had lost one arm.
The result of that was a killing time.
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The fact that it is at the same level as about Diamond Jozu explains it all
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He has the nautical ability to sail to and from the Grand Line in a boat that looks like a coffin
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Why is Zoro blind in one eye?
Is it because Mihawk told him that it would look stronger with one eye out and he believed him?
25: ID:6k8L8BpTM.net
So Mihawk found the rough gemstone that is Zoro and his heart was cleared, didn’t care about Krieg and went home
27: ID:DUbzhKoD0.net
Only slightly ahead of Whitebeard’s henchmen
29: ID:oPGzkPJE0.net
Name:Dracule Mihawk
Affiliation:7 Warlords of the Seas
Epithet:Hawk Eyes,Strongest Swordsman in the World
Weapons:Black Blade『Yoru』
Nickname:Hawk Eyes
31: ID:hPhzX3ix0.net
I would have loved to have seen Zoro’s revenge match.
Sad that they are so familiar with each other.
32: ID:ZcZLTZeva.net
But Mihawk is a relative of Yim.
34: ID:+KhcZWmVM.net
Even strength with Whitebeard Pirates sailors.
Can’t even cut Jozu
He is familiar with Zoro
Mihawk has long since been downgraded.
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I think the character design is awesome.
37: ID:hPhzX3ix0.net
Isn’t Mihawk a pirate?
38: ID:A469Vmbc0.net
I like the mentor/apprentice relationship with Zoro.
39: ID:VZE94tbEr.net
Jozu and Vista are the executives of 4 Emperors of the Seas, and if he was serious, he could have won, so in terms of strength, well…
41: ID:O5Rk3Gtn0.net
The fact that he still doesn’t really mean it.