ONE PIECE’s greatest mystery: “Kuina’s cause of death.”

(C) Eiichiro Oda/SHUEISHA INC.
There is no way in ONE PIECE world she could fall down the stairs and die.
That’s hard to do even in real life.
There must be something.

2 AnonymousID:INpqC1pd0
There are so many strong women out there, Kuina was just too weak.
3 AnonymousID:RoCmhFbm0
I think she lost her memory and became Smoker’s lackey.
4 AnonymousID:V+9+/oTE0
She’s still alive.
She’s in the Revolutionary Guard.
5 AnonymousID:v24O5kIp0
I wonder if Kuina and Tashigi are just alike after all.
7 AnonymousID:kn39wXMy0
I could see them actually being sisters and these two merging together to defeat Mihawk and become Zoro’s last boss.
6 AnonymousID:3npMaVVN0
It must have been about 200 stairs.
9 AnonymousID:v24O5kIp0
Stop with the stairs full of murderous intent!
8 AnonymousID:3zh1JAg3d
In real life, a 2m fall would kill you.
10 AnonymousID:d9FIXYIi0
Kuina is alive.
11 AnonymousID:N/QmHNNa0
Maybe it was a staircase clothed in haki.
12 AnonymousID:lJC1SdCO0
It’s possible that she’s actually alive.
13 AnonymousID:iiG8iC610
it’s not a good idea to bring her back from the dead.
14 AnonymousID:kn39wXMy0
I remember CP9 also had a dummy corpse.
So Kuina is on the side of the world government.
15 AnonymousID:QAG78/ZO0
I’m sure she’s in the Revolutionary Guard.
23 AnonymousID:7zuRq/f10
Wado Ichimonji was a demon sword.
The sword chose Zoro instead of Kuina.
25 AnonymousID:v24O5kIp0
I think Oda had an idea that Kuina was actually killed, but he’s not going to do it now.
26 AnonymousID:yX+IWO95a
A staircase that releases haki.
27 AnonymousID:IUfLpLf20
It’s a foreshadowing that he’s actually alive.
28 AnonymousID:LBdd0khU0
Oops, let’s not go any further.
29 AnonymousID:YczTHJb60
The stairs were very hard.
30 AnonymousID:ivKE8Duxd
I think the sword accidentally got stuck when he fell down.(Appropriately)
32 AnonymousID:v24O5kIp0
kuina is dead and peru is alive.
We have to think of One Piece as that kind of world.
34 AnonymousID:ID3412MwF
Tategi is being sheltered by the revolutionary army.
36 AnonymousID:UFAt3WE00
That’s a staircase with hundreds of steps at 90 degree angles.