【Sad News】Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End, Makes the Sciences Go Crazy Again!!

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End
1: anonymous ID:VssnrNTGdXMAS
Character: “Magic is amazing. Especially the statues. Not a single rust.”

2: anonymous ID:VssnrNTGdXMAS
What are we going to do about this…
3: anonymous ID:kQ4iB9470XMAS
dumbass me “what’s so weird?”
4: Anonymous ID:rgeDSr930XMAS
awesome me”I don’t know”.
5: Anonymous ID:8402ExvhMXMAS
green blue…you mean?
6: Anonymous ID:c+t7jZum0XMAS
Copper doesn’t rust (^_^;)(maybe something like that, I don’t know)
7: Anonymous ID:HVZW0p5prXMAS
me “What do you mean?”
8: Anonymous ID:l6+6E5AG0XMAS
It’s magic that never rusts.
10: Anonymous ID:q4mT9xJT0XMAS
It’s just normal membrane magic.
11: Anonymous ID:zI76sZZz0XMAS
humanities student me “It’s bronze, isn’t it?
12: Anonymous ID:KFS6AATe0XMAS
Bronze is gold before it rusts and becomes bronze when it rusts.
Is that right?
14: Anonymous ID:ewoJ2jmA0XMAS
Bronze block in minecraft
16: Anonymous ID:N2N36SGy0XMAS
Freelen: “State your feelings about the author.”
17: Anonymous ID:54H57q3I0XMAS
19: Anonymous ID:c+t7jZum0XMAS
This is what I’m talking about.
18: Anonymous ID:qdtCBCFAaXMAS
Internet science guys are always going crazy.
20: Anonymous ID:bMdjjiCxdXMAS
That’s rusty……
22: Anonymous ID:jNGk5wjzFXMAS
No, I don’t know the details.
I think they enchanted the bronze statue to stop it from rusting.
23: Anonymous ID:NSBecve70XMAS
The lines are said by ordinary people, so that’s how they’re perceived.
24: Anonymous ID:QK4qGV8c0XMAS
I thought there was originally a blue copper alloy.
25: Anonymous ID:/g8Gf8f/0XMAS
Idiots who want reality in their creations shouldn’t look at them, really.
There are too many of them these days.
26: Anonymous ID:54H57q3I0XMAS
This is the animation staff’s fault