Who is the most meritorious person in DRAGON BALL, which has many war criminals?


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I think it’s shenron.

Shenron will help them, so everyone acts on that assumption.

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Everyone around Goku is out of their minds.
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Tao Pai Pai with outstanding individuality
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The basis of all this is Bulma.
Bulma is in the position of Sanzo in the Journey to the West.
The real protagonist.
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I’m sure many of the other characters’ fine plays are based on the premise that there’s a divine dragon in the room.
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I think it’s Oolong.
If it weren’t for him, Pilaf would have taken over the world.
11: 2023/08/27 11:00:14.24 ID:5ykOaEqpa
If Pilaf took over the world
Piccolo would not be resurrected
Cell would not be created
Buu wouldn’t be resurrected
Oh,it’s not bad.
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If they don’t revive Piccolo, Raditz will destroy the earth.
10: 2023/08/27 10:59:26.88 ID:A/Eg7jI10
It’s the Turtle Hermit, isn’t it?
If he was an old fucker, they’d be screwed.
15: 2023/08/27 11:03:13.52 ID:s4NasBXKd
The base of Goku’s thought is the Turtle Hermit.
He’s always foolishly adhered to the Turtle Hermit’s ideology.
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That would be the developer of Dragon Radar.
14: 2023/08/27 11:02:07.87 ID:K9hmcmG60
Kakarot has merits and demerits,so if he’s going to offset them, the only one I can think of is Bulma.
Without Bulma, they would be stuck in many places.
16: 2023/08/27 11:04:47.12 ID:K9hmcmG60
Even if somebody conquer the world with Dragon Ball, they can’t get through to anything beyond the power of God, so it’s likely to be overturned in a heartbeat.
I think God would intervene in such a case.
19: 2023/08/27 11:07:48.92 ID:SV5hWYOCr
World domination is practically conquering the earth.
God wouldn’t even know about such a remote planet.

10: 2023/08/27 11:07:48.92 ID:SV5hWYOCr

No, no, no.
There is a god of the earth.
Dragon ball itself is made by earth god.
The Dragon Balls themselves are made by the Gods of Earth, so there’s nothing that can be done about things that exceed the power of the Gods of Earth.
23: 2023/08/27 11:10:53.24 ID:s4NasBXKd
I thought that was the ancestor of the dog king.
I mean, he became king in Dragon Ball, that would mean world domination, right?
17: 2023/08/27 11:06:04.37 ID:V3F0bEcF0
Dr. Mashirito
18: 2023/08/27 11:06:50.62 ID:c7WydKxx0
fortuneteller baba
20: 2023/08/27 11:07:59.03 ID:Gu/HzCjBd
I’m sure it’s Son Goku’s grandpa.
If it weren’t for him, the earth would have been destroyed by Goku in his berserk state.
22: 2023/08/27 11:09:05.68 ID:aIC+kCkz0
I’m sure the Turtle Hermit will exterminate him.
24: 2023/08/27 11:11:24.01 ID:aCFcLTG00
I’m sure it’s trunks or bloomers.
25: 2023/08/27 11:13:42.29 ID:K9hmcmG60
Son Goku’s grandpa was also a disciple of the Turtle Hermit.
Turtle Hermit’s influence is amazing.
26: 2023/08/27 11:14:16.14 ID:sfrx2R8qr
I think it’s Bulma.
Collecting dragon balls
Invention of a time machine
27: 2023/08/27 11:14:29.35 ID:vGUTNrVv0
At least z warrior is out of the question
28: 2023/08/27 11:16:12.63 ID:K9hmcmG60
If it’s among the Z Warriors, it’s Master Yamcha.
At least he’s not a war criminal.
29: 2023/08/27 11:17:45.04 ID:aIC+kCkz0
Is that the one that died quickly in a situation where he had to stall for time?
31: 2023/08/27 11:18:39.55 ID:R6rHZBJT0
It was always Piccolo who supported them.