【Flash Report】”FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST”, read.

Fullmetal Alchemist

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1: 2024/01/10 09:50:28.90 ID:F2CUsFEp0
Rating: A masterpiece.

2: 2024/01/10 09:51:13.87 ID:qdwgZVIz0
It’s just well put together, but the content is mediocre
5: 2024/01/10 09:53:08.31 ID:GYnYrhy8d
Correct answer.
113: 2024/01/10 10:44:44.11 ID:Mdw0e3k/0
If it’s well put together for anyone to read, it’s a masterpiece.
9: 2024/01/10 09:54:33.26 ID:co9AsIhN0
I wonder how many people can put this together so well.
12: 2024/01/10 09:56:26.08 ID:icGUHLS70
I hear the joke scenes are cold, but what do you think?
17: 2024/01/10 09:59:22.65 ID:uQhsH7an0
This is just a little better than the joke scene in Demon slayer.
15: 2024/01/10 09:58:49.12 ID:GU4n7EGZd
It’s just backwards to say that it’s good not to have power inflation.
Every cartoon proves that inflation is more interesting.
18: 2024/01/10 09:59:58.92 ID:6nBFKkf+0
It’s good to read DRAGON BALL or something and take a break from it to read this.
It’s boring if it’s all works like Hagaren.
22: 2024/01/10 10:02:56.27 ID:07ohFhNo0
I appreciate the fact that Chimera’s uncle and these types of characters usually just get beaten up, but they played an active role in this manga.
23: 2024/01/10 10:03:17.62 ID:19MtohQn0
I like that Scar, which was strong at the beginning stays strong until the end of the story properly
24: 2024/01/10 10:03:35.57 ID:oxIS7TkH0
I’m a housewife!” (so lame)
27: 2024/01/10 10:06:18.09 ID:V9Virh2S0
I hate this one 😞.
25: 2024/01/10 10:04:47.32 ID:jyqw3tQj0
The setting is interesting, the story is well thought out, and it ends nicely.
The characters are good, and the story has a hot development like a shounen manga.
There aren’t many manga like this.
26: 2024/01/10 10:05:41.97 ID:2w1mjmv70
it is 85points all the way, so there’s no excitement.
48: 2024/01/10 10:16:12.15 ID:K0f/DeKK0
The scene “You have two good legs” and “Philosopher’s Stone Aphonse” is 120 points!
28: 2024/01/1010:06:45.04 ID:19MtohQn0
Was there any power-up description of the main character?
32: 2024/01/10 10:07:29.39 ID:07ohFhNo0
Prosthetic hand modified for cold weather
29: 2024/01/10 10:06:52.80 ID:rnabvqwH0
The last episode should be like this.
I want a happy ending, not like the 2003 anime.
31: 2024/01/10 10:07:21.62 ID:UU7thgGe0
It’s just a mediocre work with a good design, initial setting, and time period.
45: 2024/01/10 10:14:31.58 ID:kCVGUq560
That’s called a masterpiece.
34: 2024/01/10 10:08:19.38 ID:sJi8/9s6d
No detours at all, yeah.
It’s good.
37: 2024/01/10 10:10:16.16 ID:07ohFhNo0
If it was serialized in Jump, they’d be doing a national alchemist tournament.
40: 2024/01/10 10:11:39.59 ID:qyeOT0hx0
Everyone loves King Bradley
51: 2024/01/10 10:18:35.91 ID:19MtohQn0
I like that it doesn’t inflate power too much.
Envy getting beat up by Lan Fan early on is nice, reminds me of Raoh getting beat up by Kenshiro out of nowhere.
Also, Rust getting knocked down rather early is fine.
It’s nice because there’s no “he’s probably going to die anyway” feeling.
59: 2024/01/10 10:23:55.35 ID:K0f/DeKK0
After the flow of Father saying to Greed, “You’re a greed born of me, so what I want, you want too.
I think the part where Greed realizes “all I wanted was a companion like these guys” is really outstanding!
60: 2024/01/10 10:24:01.40 ID:olcQTmn40
I think it’s for everyone.
It’s interesting, but not too sharp, and nicely put together.
68: 2024/01/1010:28:03.01 ID:ym4c0gFN0
If Fullmetal is a mediocre work, what kind of work can be called a masterpiece?
93: 2024/01/10 10:38:00.60 ID:kLZ26mTZ0

Alphonse awakens with a stone → Dr Marcoh cures Lion in a cloud of dust → Lion bites Kimblee to death, big good job → Yoki runs over Pride with a car.

I really like the flow of this Alphonse gang fulfilling their roles without wasting time.

105: 2024/01/10 10:41:25.12 ID:kLZ26mTZ0
【Sad News】Fullmetal Alchemist’s army, for some reason, enlists four Chimera males, who are supporting characters, to join their side at the end of the season.
107: 2024/01/10 10:42:07.53 ID:LzICkzOT0
I really like Chimeras.
The author is too good at drawing old men!
111: 2024/01/10 10:44:16.02 ID:kLZ26mTZ0
They eventually followed Alphonse’s journey after ED
totally in the best friend bracket.
124: 2024/01/10 10:49:54.13 ID:cMAGz3Y60
It’s a good thing the adults around protagonists are strong to the end.
129: 2024/01/10 10:53:02.12 ID:sNUvCewn0
A manga that is too cohesive to be talked about at all.