What Tenten did at the chunin exam which tested their ability to cheat……


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1: 2019/11/07(Thu) 17:17:27 ID:Y8F5cCQP0.net
What the hell is this girl doing?

6: 2019/11/07 17:18:32.46 ID:C9IwNZtv6.net
This will definitely get noticed.
7: 2019/11/07 17:19:28.29 ID:5x9TXajj0.net
Let’s blend Puppet into the examiner!
9: 2019/11/07 17:19:45.48 ID:FuQyUMBaa.net
Ok, if only once
10: 2019/11/07 17:20:16.26 ID:XSmORhr76.net
The guys behind her are seriously confused.
12: 2019/11/07(Thu) 17:21:02 ID:m+nQkI5wd.net
13: 2019/11/07(Thu) 17:21:12 ID:i21/wWUX0.net
What great eyesight!
14: 2019/11/07 17:21:20.70 ID:JecNetXQd.net
16: 2019/11/07 17:21:49.00 ID:m+nQkI5wd.net
Sakura solved it normally on her own.
I guess she has always been a brainiac.
17: 2019/11/07(Thu) 17:22:26 ID:FuQyUMBaa.net
In this respect, shinobi of sound, who was able to hear the content through the rhythm of the writing, did an excellent job.
18: 2019/11/07 17:22:44.14 ID:m+nQkI5wd.net
By the way, I can’t remember how Naruto got out of this situation.
19: 2019/11/07(Thu) 17:23:01 ID:5x9TXajj0.net
He passed it with a blank sheet of paper.
29: 2019/11/07 17:23:44.50 ID:m+nQkI5wd.net
Oh no, I still can’t remember now that I heard that.
I’ll read it again.
34: 2019/11/07 17:25:05.26 ID:bOsYFwHQd.net
Briefly, the correct answer is to not give up on the exam until the end.
That’s how he passed.
21: 2019/11/07(Thu) 17:23:04 ID:gshytjWir.net
Hinata is a serious-looking but cheated using Byakugan, isn’t she?
366: 2019/11/07 17:59:43.76 ID:a9Iq+ykS0.net
Anyway, Byakugan!!!
23: 2019/11/07(Thu) 17:23:07 ID:hwplbHCS0.net
Dumb examiners who can’t see through this.
140: 2019/11/07 17:37:52.47 ID:s164veGz0.net
Examiners said if they cheat like a ninja, It’s ok.
410: 2019/11/07 18:03:16.06 ID:5n7OUXIV0.net
Exmaminers saw right through them.
25: 2019/11/07(Thu) 17:23:09 ID:szS00sEe0.net
I can still understand when she is doing this, but what did she do when she set it up?
28: 2019/11/07(Thu) 17:23:34 ID:oGgDizSyr.net
There is an academy. Still need a test?
30: 2019/11/07 17:24:07.26 ID:wtxOueAq0.net
There is a law school but with a bar exam.
Kind of like that.
32: 2019/11/07 17:24:41.30 ID:5x9TXajj0.net
Even if Examiner spotted cheating a few times
Finally, they won’t say anything about it until the score is zero.
54: 2019/11/07 17:28:20.54 ID:LTddbQo2d.net
How did she prepare it first?
81: 2019/11/07 17:31:52.71 ID:BIi4+N6Zd.net
‘Huh… I have no idea.’
I really like Sasuke at this time
88: 2019/11/07 17:32:33.10 ID:FuQyUMBaa.net
He was a great character, wasn’t he?
85: 2019/11/07 17:32:20.15 ID:u6tIG3SK0.net
It is impossible for her to stick a kunai to the ceiling in a quiet examination room!
91: 2019/11/07 17:32:58.13 ID:szS00sEe0.net
I’m just imagining it, lol.
The test tube must have wondered what this girl was doing.
127: 2019/11/07 17:36:30.28 ID:7fKTm7cKr.net
Kiba’s dog is whimpering, so it’s safe.

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