What are some of the developments in manga that you think, “I haven’t seen anything like this lately”?

Small talk
1: 2021/08/15 18:25:42.258 ID:LPR6LJI30.net
We don’t see anything like main character vs golf course construction vs dam construction anymore

15: 2021/08/15 18:36:09.240 ID:Jgd6OVXVa.net
When I watched old movies and old episodes of Doraemon, there were so many stories like Doraemon vs. nature development.
I felt like I was in a different era.
It was a popular topic at the time, and the original author must have been very conscious about this issue.
18: 2021/08/15 18:38:39.392 ID:LPR6LJI30.net
The Cloud Kingdom is exactly that.
20: 2021/08/15 18:40:11.752 ID:u1Ts1PI20.net
That was blatantly preachy.
25: 2021/08/15 18:47:50.700 ID:LPR6LJI30.net
Like that celestial human said, “man is an evil that destroys nature! We will destroy them! ” I don’t even see enemies like that anymore.
I wonder if it’s because the conservation groups in real are too like that.
2: 2021/08/15 18:26:03.401 ID:HZIzCkCW0.net
Violent heroine
9: 2021/08/15 18:30:33.170 ID:LPR6LJI30.net
The hero who likes women is gone, too.
31: 2021/08/15 19:26:10.819 ID:QXMU/IDk0.net

There are fewer and fewer absolute villains.
There are many cases where the enemy has reasons to be sympathetic.

Most of the time, the word “unreasonableness” is used as a pillow word.

3: 2021/08/15 18:26:32.304 ID:EeDw/XVM0.net
A nefarious enemy who had killed several people becomes a friend.
11: 2021/08/15 18:31:00.622 ID:LPR6LJI30.net
Is the guy like Vegeta?
5: 2021/08/15 18:28:19.277 ID:YugoMIK+M.net
bumping into a High school girl with a piece of bread in her mouth
6: 2021/08/15 18:29:12.394 ID:IUG8fGlz0.net
Teacher:”Stand in the hallway”
13: 2021/08/15 18:32:06.798 ID:LPR6LJI30.net
if a teacher did that now, they’d get complaints
12: 2021/08/15 18:31:50.877 ID:LPR6LJI30.net
Final boss aiming for world domination.
14: 2021/08/15 18:34:22.598 ID:oPKOEcW00.net
There are male protagonists with low sexual tolerance nowadays.
It’s like elementary and junior high school level.
17: 2021/08/15 18:37:59.355 ID:LPR6LJI30.net
You mean the kind of guy who blushes easily.
16: 2021/08/15 18:36:58.905 ID:n2YWVhKwp.net
Don’t Big G bully now?
21: 2021/08/15 18:44:07.061 ID:LPR6LJI30.net
Having an ugly manly character like Kuwabara as one of their friends.
26: 2021/08/15 18:48:17.168 ID:IhTAlNJx0.net
trying to take a shortcut on his way home after a late part-time job or club activity.
He’s seen a High school girl with a sword battling with a monster.
The next day, that High school girl was a transfer student.・・・
Such an involved type protagonist
28: 2021/08/15 19:18:48.789 ID:57gmI/Ir0.net
Somehow I got the impression that Jujutsu Kaisen was that type of manga.
That manga is very 90’s.
27: 2021/08/15 19:01:26.183 ID:aLe0nPBFa.net
Nisekoi: False Love was a very common development in a very common way in the beginning, so I was expecting a lot from it.
29: 2021/08/15 19:20:37.215 ID:11JyK8Ve0.net
A main character with a good physique like Kenshiro or Jotaro
32: 2021/08/15 19:27:47.116 ID:LPR6LJI30.net
There are guys who are surprisingly muscular when they take off their clothes, but the ones who are instantly recognizable as muscular have disappeared.
30: 2021/08/15 19:25:42.476 ID:TaettZ940.net
Punching each other on the riverbank with the sunset and saying each other “your punch worked”.
Like this.