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1: 23/10/24 19:22:16 ID:p6G8
Isn’t it just plain awesome?

2: 23/10/24 19:22:47 ID:p6G8
I’m sure in this day and age, if Goku suddenly had a heart condition and had to leave before the war, he’d be beaten to shit.
3: 23/10/24 19:22:49 ID:zxv3
The character’s hair color is changing too much.
4: 23/10/24 19:23:29 ID:fgBU
Frieza:”Are you saying that you Saiyans didn’t kill innocent people?”
Goku:”That’s why the Saiyans are extinct”
I like the way Goku answers back around the Frieza version.
5: 23/10/24 19:23:59 ID:p6G8
However, it was super
Why did it happen?
6: 23/10/24 19:25:08 ID:p6G8
The battle is too interesting.
7: 23/10/24 19:25:29 ID:biqd
I really enjoyed it…
Compared to that, GT is.
9: 23/10/24 19:26:03 ID:p6G8
I think it could have been more interesting if the tempo had been better.
12: 23/10/24 19:27:04 ID:aybD
They could have made it more fast-paced since the original doesn’t exist.
8: 23/10/24 19:25:50 ID:d3xc
And back then, there were all those works.
10: 23/10/24 19:26:25 ID:p6G8
The same goes for “Fist of the North Star” and “Kinnikuman“.
It was a great time.
11: 23/10/24 19:26:59 ID:Tqqc
To be honest,I don’t really know what they are doing in the battle scenes except for the Energy Bullets.
17: 23/10/24 19:28:05 ID:p6G8
Battles, and battles, and battles.
There was an adventure part in the early days.
13: 23/10/24 19:27:24 ID:rIGL
It’s all battles, but it doesn’t bore me.
Usually it gets harder and harder to watch as it gets more serious.
I don’t know about after GT though.
14: 23/10/24 19:27:33 ID:XuMa
GT sucks, but super sucks even more.
I never thought it would be reevaluated……
18: 23/10/24 19:28:16 ID:biqd
GT believers show up.
20: 23/10/24 19:29:30 ID:XuMa
No, I’m fine with pretending GT never happened.
15: 23/10/24 19:27:46 ID:nYFs
I like Dokabat Battle.
16: 23/10/24 19:27:51 ID:BM2p
I like that it’s not all solved with a Kamehameha.
19: 23/10/24 19:29:18 ID:bWTR
Dragon Ball’s battle scenes are really easy to watch.
Ruroroken has good drawings, but sometimes it’s hard to tell what they’re doing.
21: 23/10/24 19:29:32 ID:p6G8
I don’t like Goku in Super, he looks like Luffy when he’s bad.
22: 23/10/24 19:30:18 ID:lVgU
It’s amazing that there’s not one great line that resonates with me.
23: 23/10/24 19:30:20 ID:XeuZ
Both stories are garbage,
However, the battle drawings in the latter half of the story give the edge to “Super”.
28: 23/10/24 19:32:55 ID:biqd
What the hell ????? Gojita4, that’s so cool!!!!
First, this guy is banned !!!!!!
32: 23/10/24 19:33:51 ID:p6G8
What the hell is this guy?
Let’s ban him>>28
36: 23/10/24 19:35:41 ID:lVgU
Super Saiyan 4 and Baby and Shadow Dragons.
GT is a cool character desa.
40: 23/10/24 19:36:52 ID:XeuZ
Baby. Super 17 is good, but the Shadow Dragon is not so good…
Pikkon‘s color difference is as good as it gets…
44: 23/10/24 19:38:44 ID:lVgU
Three star dragon and four star dragon.
24: 23/10/24 19:30:30 ID:XAKE
GT => Super => SD
Anime is manufacturing more and more dark history.
25: 23/10/24 19:31:37 ID:F1xH
Kakarot has been scum since Z.
26: 23/10/24 19:32:21 ID:biqd
Let’s ban this guy.
30: 23/10/24 19:33:07 ID:lVgU
All Saiyans are jerks.
27: 23/10/24 19:32:24 ID:Tqqc
They’re all supposed to be martial arts masters, but they keep hitting each other like kids fighting.
29: 23/10/24 19:32:57 ID:yyaB
Oh no…it’s catching up with the original…!
Let’s have Goku and Piccolo get driver’s licenses!
31: 23/10/24 19:33:10 ID:biqd
Don’t change the subject, super-believer.
33: 23/10/24 19:34:00 ID:BM2p
Early stage of no mark:  A wild boy who knows nothing
Middle stage of no mark: A pure boy who knows martial arts
Late stage of no mark: A warrior who fights with everything he has
34: 23/10/24 19:35:04 ID:XuMa
Super Saiyan 4 is garbage.
Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan is better than trash of trash like Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan.
35: 23/10/24 19:35:10 ID:c6vs
I loved the adventures of the unmarked looking for the balls.
Especially the R&R army version.
37: 23/10/24 19:36:25 ID:fgBU
GT’s design and songs are seriously good …
38: 23/10/24 19:36:46 ID:XuMa
Better than Jiren’s, but if you’re asking me if it’s good looking. ……
39: 23/10/24 19:36:48 ID:d3xc
I think the Dragon Ball video games are more fun than the original Dragon Ball.
41: 23/10/24 19:37:58 ID:XuMa
The Shadow Dragon is desecrating the Dragon Balls themselves.
42: 23/10/24 19:38:18 ID:sPC3
The scene where they storm the Red Ribbon Army base is really cool.
43: 23/10/24 19:38:37 ID:Kdps
That’s right.
48: 23/10/24 19:40:01 ID:c6vs
That’s exactly right.
He’s powered up enough to defeat Taopaipai and charge at him.
Even so, he’s on an equal footing with Gohan [old man].
45: 23/10/24 19:38:51 ID:XHgY
It’s a trick he was able to pull off because his drawing skills were divine.
46: 23/10/24 19:39:45 ID:d3xc
I don’t mind.
Even in the original, Dragon Ball is treated as a chore.
47: 23/10/24 19:39:58 ID:sPC3
Isn’t this the only scene in the manga?
The only ones that aimed a Kamehameha at a modern weapon.
49: 23/10/24 19:40:55 ID:yamA
I like the scene where Kakarot and Vegeta unleash the Kamehameha vs. the Garrick Cannon on each other.
50: 23/10/24 19:41:33 ID:sPC3
This scene is awesome, both the original part and the fighting scene added in the anime.
54: 23/10/24 19:43:39 ID:XeuZ
When I was a Dragon Ball know-it-all, I thought it would end with Goku using the Kamehameha to push his way to victory, but it turned out to be a great mud fight.
It ended with the Oozaru Press.
55: 23/10/24 19:45:15 ID:sPC3
Without Gohan, Kuririn, and Yajirobei, it would have been a dead end.
The tension is tremendous.
56: 23/10/24 19:45:36 ID:yamA
Vegeta, who can’t be defeated even by a 4x Kaio-ken Kamehameha or by a Genki-dama, is extraordinary…
57: 23/10/24 19:58:20 ID:tJZX
He was tough as nails that one time.
58: 23/10/24 20:00:47 ID:Jtbk
Goku doesn’t often feel like, “I’m so excited to meet a strong guy!
He was a little like that with Vegeta.
But in the Frieza fight, he was like, “Please let this be a bluff…! or something like that.
There’s no room at all.

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