Tsunade “Bring back Sasuke with only Genin” Shikamaru “…yes” ← This


Tsunade ordered Shikamaru, who had just become a chunin, to recapture Sasuke. Was this order really appropriate? Japanese readers are debating the issue today. Let’s take a look at some of them.

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1: 2021/05/06 15:31:04.02 ID:2NqoumWz0.net
Isn’t that an impossibly messed up order?

3: 2021/05/06 15:32:37.07 ID:CwZZEVqF0.net
In fact, Genin alone is producing some results.
4: 2021/05/06 15:32:40.52 ID:twhr0nps0.net
How did this happen?
33: 2021/05/06 15:39:04.83 ID:6N23FCI/0.net
The village is in shambles because of the Konoha crash, but those who can move are kept in full operation to keep them from realising it.
As a result, there is a shortage of manpower
41: 2021/05/06 15:40:19.89 ID:BRRX4KAq0.net
Thinking about it, Orochimaru is too strong.
496: 2021/05/06 16:16:24.41 ID:IvKsCICC0.net
Are they sure they’re not putting their priorities in the wrong order?
6: 2021/05/06 15:33:01.65 ID:unQd1AMBr.net
Well, actually, if there were only four people in Sound shinobi, they would have been small fry.
7: 2021/05/06 15:33:18.76 ID:2hbliwCx0.net
It’s The Third Geezer, not Tsunade, right?
It was more important to protect the village because of Orochimaru.
8: 2021/05/06 15:33:31.76 ID:TtQVpp7Sa.net
The fact that Asuma alone could have killed them all
10: 2021/05/06 15:33:52.75 ID:D9a4YAeM0.net
Letting Jonin go would have led to war.
11: 2021/05/06 15:33:59.31 ID:AfCCfFRaM.net
In fact, Leaf village could easily have defeated the emerging Sound alone.
12: 2021/05/06 15:34:01.74 ID:wkRtoZl2d.net
If one of them had joined, that would have been enough.
15: 2021/05/06 15:35:10.99 ID:lAbIirK2d.net
With Jonin at Brass Knuckles Level, even if they took him, he’d die a dog’s death against Kimimaro.It can’t be helped.
388: 2021/05/06 16:09:02.12 ID:wlLfZ0nt0.net
(C) Masashi Kishimoto/SHUEISHA INC.
I certainly can’t imagine that guy beating Kimimaro.
16: 2021/05/06 15:35:19.19 ID:AvJaxtkIa.net
Jonin was beaten to a pulp, wasn’t he?
20: 2021/05/06 15:36:07.89 ID:8HSIaHkNa.net
They were out of Chakra, no wonder.
236: 2021/05/06 15:58:42.75 ID:3eqGVV8Z0.net
That was a special Jonin or something.
The Sound Four were all on the second level.
19: 2021/05/06 15:35:42.29 ID:7l/RffzTM.net
Wouldn’t it be bad to send Naruto, the Jinchuriki of the Nine-Tails, to another village with a hastily created team of only Genin?
And they’re heading for the Hidden Sound Village where Orochimaru is.
23: 2021/05/06 15:36:56.29 ID:kpAoFEiN0.net
Treasonous act of presenting Nine-Tales and even Byakugan in the hands of Orochimaru
32: 2021/05/06 15:38:57.05 ID:63qcy2WYa.net
Byakugan is safe because it will be sealed when Neji dies.
325: 2021/05/06 16:05:04.64 ID:Wr8gFnev0.net
He won’t mess with the Nine-Tails because He’s scared of Akatsuki.
30: 2021/05/06 15:38:29.45 ID:nHEAu/o8a.net
The Sound Four were so out of breath against Jonin, who was out of Chakra.
That the mission could have been made less dangerous with just one Chunin on.
50: 2021/05/06 15:41:53.53 ID:7l/RffzTM.net
The Sasuke Retrieval Arc is the only time in the story where Kiba Inuzuka defeats the enemy…
59: 2021/05/06 15:42:51.69 ID:CwZZEVqF0.net
He didn’t beat it.
52: 2021/05/06 15:42:06.76 ID:5EA9uM8O0.net
Sound shinobi all of them, Guy could kill them instantly with about Five gate.
58: 2021/05/06 15:42:48.98 ID:7p0oWBnE0.net
Guy can beat them up in Normal, if it’s just those four.
60: 2021/05/06 15:42:54.02 ID:s9FnVBbca.net
dosn’t even need Five gate.
61: 2021/05/06 15:43:10.73 ID:i6k9XK3Op.net
Guy killed Kisame with Daytime Tiger in Six gate.
Three gate is enough time to do it.
70: 2021/05/06 15:44:14.54 ID:G29vo5Ka0.net
Guy is one of the strongest in the series.
Apart from Kekkei Genkai, Kekkei Tota and Kekkei Mora, no one else is that great.
67: 2021/05/06 15:43:58.01 ID:DT1+6FsBa.net
If leaf had left everything to Guy,everything will be fine, won’t it?
73: 2021/05/06 15:44:21.96 ID:CkctkALzM.net
Is this before The Third Hokage dies?
Does Third die after this?
95: 2021/05/06 15:47:06.81 ID:JxUjj61Tp.net
After 3rd Hokage died along with both arms of Orochimaru
81: 2021/05/06 15:45:19.21 ID:PAzpWexX0.net
Did Kakashi just summon a dog to accompany them?
96: 2021/05/06 15:47:12.49 ID:F1G5mSR/a.net
Informed after the mission was over and Kakashi rushed after him.
But he only found Naruto
98: 2021/05/06 15:47:41.17 ID:Syjk15ng0.net
Why didn’t they take Jonin on such an important mission?
111: 2021/05/06 15:48:46.80 ID:yZiS3rro0.net
Shikamaru At this point it’s Chunin, so it’s a proper platoon.
62: 2021/05/06 15:43:38.10 ID:NtqsTJfH0.net
They just wanted the appearance that they had organised a recapture team.
As Tsunade, it would have been fine if they had failed, but Naruto and the others got too serious.
Choji, Neji and Kiba didn’t need to fight for their lives like that.
64: 2021/05/06 15:43:39.37 ID:MsSGR54h0.net
A chaperone, I mean.
They would have liked to have had at least one adult who could make a calm decision.