Muzan Kibutsuji lost because he killed Lower Ranks, right?


In the Demon Slayer manga, Final Boss Muzan Kibutsuji is the overwhelmingly powerful and the pinnacle of all demons.Why he lost is a hotly debated question among Japanese readers.Please take a look at some of them.

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1: 2021/09/23 14:14:55.167
Muzan has killed off a few Lower Ranks that could have killed a few Demon Slayer Corps, and He’s reduced his army.
He didn’t share any blood with the Demons to make them stronger and he didn’t even try to create new demons.
He’s an idiot.
It’s his own fault he lost.

3: 2021/09/23 14:15:36.367
I think the cause was killing the doctor.
4: 2021/09/23 14:15:48.313
Because he’s afraid of his men getting too strong.
7: 2021/09/23 14:16:48.371
That’s because he’s a chicken who doesn’t want other demons to betray him.
He’s trying to keep other demons from surpassing him, or controlling them by killing them as an example and instilling fear in them.
30: 2021/09/23 14:30:38.266
Muzan has complete control over demon.
Didn’t you read it?
6: 2021/09/23 14:16:04.765
Muzan should have killed Tanjiro in Asakusa
12: 2021/09/23 14:18:43.616
Killing the Lower Ranks was a miscalculation.
Lower Ranks alone would have been able to fight to some extent.
13: 2021/09/23 14:19:09.852
The reason for his defeat was that Muzan did not create any demons at all after Nezuko conquered the sun.
This gave the entire Demon Slayer Corps, including Hashira, time to improve their strength.
14: 2021/09/23 14:19:56.225
Hint: Tanjiro’s intentions exceeded Muzan’s expectations.
15: 2021/09/23 14:20:26.995
If Muzan had let Lower Ranks fight Lower Demon Slayers, he might have been able to escape without playing tug-of-war with everyone else at the end.
he will remain in the history of comics for a while as an incompetent final boss.
17: 2021/09/23 14:21:49.982
In the last Moral Harassment Castle, it looks like all the supporting demons were converted to be as good as Lower Ranks.
If they were left to their own initiative and could only become Lower Ranks, it wouldn’t be a problem to kill them.
19: 2021/09/23 14:23:04.278
I guess he got bored with the lack of results and was just being appropriate, but he did a poor job.
21: 2021/09/23 14:23:49.030
If Muzan let the Lower Ranks run rampant in each area, there would be no room for Hashira Training, and the Upper Ranks would fight 1-3 times and annihilate Demon Slayer Corps all.
23: 2021/09/23 14:25:39.370
This is exactly what I mean.
Even if Hashira won, there was strategic value in placing pieces.
If the enemy side had a military strategist character, the hero would have lost.
24: 2021/09/23 14:26:07.214
Muzan said that Nezuko had conquered the sun, so there was no need to increase the number of demons anymore, and
He doesn’t count anyone but himself in the force to begin with.
25: 2021/09/23 14:27:18.314
In the end, Muzan underestimated the demon slayers until the very end.
He was under the impression that no matter how many humans were there, if he and the Upper Ranks were there, they could win the game.
In my opinion, because of pride, he would choose to overwhelm the Demon Slayer Corps with force instead of choosing the means to frequently reduce the strength of the Demon Slayer Corps using small fry demons.
27: 2021/09/23 14:28:26.565
Well, for 100+ years, Upper Ranks has been killing Hashira and not even letting get his tail.
Not hard to see why.
29: 2021/09/23 14:30:05.290
Akaza didn’t hear from Muzan about the earring demon hunt?
If Akaza had killed Tanjiro first there, he would still have had a chance.
31: 2021/09/23 14:31:46.069
If Final Boss tried to kill the main character in a very rational way, that comic would be complete in one story.
32: 2021/09/23 14:32:02.417
Muzan is an amateur in combat and did not even learn tactics.
His original goal was not to fight humans, so he probably didn’t pay attention to that.
If he had been so smart, the Demon Slayer Corps would have been eradicated a long time ago, so the balance would be just right.
33: 2021/09/23 14:33:28.914
It’s like he was killed in a lynching.
If he had a full head count, there was no way he could have lost.
38: 2021/09/23 14:37:18.735
No one has the idea of responding to an opponent who is inferior to you with ingenious techniques.
39: 2021/09/23 14:37:23.900
The Demon Slayer Corps has no mid-level players except for Hashira and the main team, who are all small fry that are instantly killed by the Lower Ranks.
41: 2021/09/23 14:40:19.090
If Muzan wanted to concentrate on his research and not be bothered with the hassle of dealing with the Demon Slayer Corps, he should have found a chief of staff in the first place.
And then he could have just thrown it all to that guy.
44: 2021/09/23 14:44:06.903
I don’t think a character who doesn’t trust anyone or looks down on anyone other than himself would entrust his work to anyone.
45: 2021/09/23 14:44:42.845
He underestimated everything.
47: 2021/09/23 14:46:03.591
That result is a classic example of the precautions that had to be taken.
Same kind as Yagami in Death Note
48: 2021/09/23 14:51:10.681
It would have been an easy win if he had all thrown away his pride and hit the ground running early on.
50: 2021/09/23 14:52:26.913
Still, the hero correction would have been triggered anyway and Muzan would have lost.
55: 2021/09/23 14:54:41.828 ID:KHz0DM/
There is no one right answer because the Muzan was created to be defeated by the protagonist.
62: 2021/09/23 14:59:54.020
Compared to DIO-sama, I can only say it’s thoughtless.
63: 2021/09/23 15:01:23.118 ID:KHz0DM/
I like DIO, so I want him back.
66: 2021/09/23 15:05:58.000
Well, DIO is also…
DIO managed to fool around with “charismatic” though
68: 2021/09/23 15:06:49.006
The doctor who created Muzan-sama from grass that was growing around there was so awesome I couldn’t concentrate on the story.

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