Teacher Kakashi「If you increase the number of people to 100 by Kage Bunshin and practice, it will be 100 times more effective.」←This www


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1: 2024/01/11 10:20:09.187 ID:n/vdLYQ80
Everyone should learn Kage Bunshin first.

2: 2024/01/11 10:20:53.188 ID:zsevASPQd
Kage Bunshin is like multiplication.
3: 2024/01/11 10:21:51.852 ID:bFOBjAFfM
This one、I agree.
4: 2024/01/11 10:22:00.140 ID:X8aeTL+H0
There are not many Chakra holders as good as Naruto with Nine-Tails.
9: 2024/01/11 10:25:09.528 ID:n/vdLYQ80
Even if kage bunshin could only increase the number of people by one, wouldn’t it be great enough if it doubled the effect of training?
45: 2024/01/11 11:44:19.052 ID:JL3zZeF/d
Stop talking bad about Kiba!
5: 2024/01/11 10:22:34.653 ID:+yBZKqf1d
Maybe they should condense and practice on their own.
6: 2024/01/11 10:22:43.866 ID:Q+HAjfLo0
Hmmm, this is Forbidden Jutsu!
12: 2024/01/11 10:26:33.801 ID:n/vdLYQ80
This decision is so incompetent.
Put it in the textbooks.
15: 2024/01/11 10:28:15.300 ID:koZnDQu80
Probably the intended use is to wrap a Paper Bomb around Bunshin’s self and infiltrate.
20: 2024/01/11 10:32:34.355 ID:n/vdLYQ80
Shinobi of the leaf would never do such a sneaky trick!
8: 2024/01/11 10:24:03.472 ID:koZnDQu80
Kakashi can also use Kage Bunshin.
is this his real experience?
10: 2024/01/11 10:25:58.752 ID:HnsgJQPEa
Body Replacement, which can dodge any attack, is too powerful too.
11: 2024/01/11 10:26:05.570 ID:X8aeTL+H0
Infinite supply of Chakra
Edo Tensei × Multiple Kage Bunshin = too Dangerous
13: 2024/01/11 10:27:10.648 ID:BJPaZrba0
Well, even if they can’t increase to 100 people, they can double efficiency by becoming 2 people.
14: 2024/01/11 10:27:13.429 ID:rRobDFdSd
They are going to be exhausted and have muscle aches and pains after going back to being alone.
16: 2024/01/11 10:29:32.586 ID:X8aeTL+H0
It would probably be worse if teacher Guy was summoned.
His Eight Gates will always be open.
17: 2024/01/11 10:30:23.556 ID:n/vdLYQ80
He is not dead lol.
32: 2024/01/11 10:58:21.213 ID:j/gZuyfx0
Eight Gates needs live energy, so it won’t happen
36: 2024/01/11 11:05:18.076 ID:X8aeTL+H0
Eight Gates is a Jutsu that enhances Taijutsu with Chakra.
The gate is only a biological limiter function.
Rather, there is no gate, making it easier to launch, and the damage is also easier with automatic repair.
40: 2024/01/11 11:11:12.959 ID:0ZmPiXzt0
Edo Tensei is extremely dependent on the reproducibility of the jutsu user.
The Edo Tensei Body is not a real “living body” but only a “lump of dust”, so techniques like Eight Gates that require a living body to be activated cannot be used with the Edo Tensei Body.
Rinnegan and Jinchuriki are also useless.
42: 2024/01/11 11:16:37.565 ID:X8aeTL+H0
Huh?  Are you Madara?

18: 2024/01/11 10:31:36.251 ID:YXGfHsYHd

They’d be disgusted if They saw their Bunshin for the first time, like when they first heard their own voice on a recording.
My face is too big…or something like that.
19: 2024/01/11 10:32:11.562 ID:4aYzLxiA0
Kakashi should write a paper and publish it.
Forbidden Jutsu will be lifted.
22: 2024/01/11 10:35:29.639 ID:IoBcZpDed
Why was Kage Bunshin a Forbidden Jutsu?
23: 2024/01/11 10:36:25.665 ID:n/vdLYQ80
It’s a mystery why Kage Bunshin is allowed and Multiple Kage Bunshin is not.
24: 2024/01/11 10:38:40.888 ID:X8aeTL+H0
It seems that only Hokage and some Jonin classes can trigger properly.
This is the case of Multiple Kage Bunshin, though.
25: 2024/01/11 10:41:43.925 ID:0ZmPiXzt0
You’re mistaken, but Forbidden Jutsu is “Multiple Kage Bunshin”, right?
Naruto is using not just a Kage Bunshin, but a degraded version of the Multiple Kage Bunshin.
The reason why Multiple Kage Bunshin is banned in the first place is because it uses a large amount of Chakra, and using a Chakra-eating technique that eats more Chakra than they have will leave the Jutsu user in critical condition or dead at worst.
Multiple Kage Bunshin is called death trap mostly because of this specification.

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