Roronoa Zoro←Considering it calmly, this guy is unique among the characters in ONE PIECE.

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1 AnonymousID:kLyikhAU0
In a world full of “Devil Fruit” abilities, it’s so crazy that he’s competing with only three swords.

2 AnonymousID:1Q0g9Rs60
What about Mihawk with a single sword?
3 AnonymousID:PSfJ8SrY0
The top pirate has only one sword.
4 AnonymousID:kLyikhAU0
And he is only 21 years old.
5 AnonymousID:f46XOiVG0
Haki>Devil Fruit
6 AnonymousID:UfBsmZtu0
If he eats Devil Fruit, he will be the strongest.
7 AnonymousID:kLyikhAU0
He’s a genius too.
He’s matured at his age.
Zoro is also a genius of a different dimension
8 AnonymousID:M7ivho/E0
I wonder if anyone is going to say, “Isn’t the sword in his mouth useless?
9 AnonymousID:MJZxIIaI0
So what about Vista of the Flower Swords with one sword?
47 AnonymousID:qKuzuh3j0
Vista with two swords, right?
52 AnonymousID:MJZxIIaI0
I realized after I wrote it.
I didn’t think it would take 40 responses to get that response.
10 AnonymousID:kLyikhAU0
The only strong ones without Devil Fruit are these guys anymore
14 AnonymousID:PT8rFal0M
18 AnonymousID:kLyikhAU0
They’re relying on science
He’s a Fish-man.
26 AnonymousID:i2Kf/4Fu0
You’re suddenly racist against Fish-man?
62 AnonymousID:Wr1Jxau90
It’s not fashionable nowadays ……!!!
to be racist against Fish-man ……
71 AnonymousID:zskBD8MT0
I like this line a lot.
11 AnonymousID:K3+fkJlW0
I’ve wondered since the beginning if he needs a third sword at the risk of having his mouth closed.
15 AnonymousID:MJZxIIaI0
In addition, there are two blades on one side, so it’s unbalanced, isn’t it?
12 AnonymousID:wI6GGUgS0
What about Rayleigh?
13 AnonymousID:6ev4dRw80
Sanji is also strong.
16 AnonymousID:kLyikhAU0
Sorry, I forgot about Rayleigh.
17 AnonymousID:ZaC7PfdsM
I could understand if his neck had the range of motion of a monster, but there’s no point in biting it.
20 AnonymousID:eYtpYXk30
I’ll take this sword for me, teacher!
→I’ll just bite on it for now…
22 AnonymousID:Gb1Nv8ri0
I wouldn’t be surprised if Zoro’s jaw muscles were so developed that his face was square.
24 AnonymousID:MJZxIIaI0
Like Thwomp?
23 AnonymousID:6K70ic6U0
Cursed Holy Sword or some other gruesome black history of Zoro.
The only flesh-and-blood human being who has competed with Zoro, Sanji, and the like without being a psychic is GIN?
28 AnonymousID:EObw0PIc0
I think it would have been nice if there was someone on our side who ate Devil Fruit on the way and became stronger.
What do you think, Oda?
29 AnonymousID:Z0FkRMJgH
Sword-sucking pervert bastard.
30 AnonymousID:OWY/nWgs0
A pirate named Zoro who hunts pirates
31 AnonymousID:yX17WHwT0
The setting that the ability person is a Anchor, must have been forgotten.
33 AnonymousID:QQjFDioF0
With Geppou, there is no disadvantage of Anchor.
35 AnonymousID:skcRWbdx0
Too many mooks rely on their abilities.
Muscle power conquers all.
36 AnonymousID:MJZxIIaI0
Logia-types usually have a way to cross the ocean, it’s great.
37 AnonymousID:Gb1Nv8ri0
I think all the Straw Pirates will eat the Fruits in the end.
38 AnonymousID:XsxNbxNd0
I’d like to see the Mihawk sword as the most powerful?
39 AnonymousID:MJZxIIaI0
I heard that any sword can become a Black Blade, so it depends on the Haki of the person himself.
41 AnonymousID:skcRWbdx0
If it becomes Black Blade, does Haki become 2.5 power?
40 AnonymousID:DOMH+1IL0
I have an image that the really strong ones are incapacitated.
42 AnonymousID:QQjFDioF0
Haki is the only one which can outperform everything.
53 AnonymousID:L9zFOfFi0
Haki + Zoan is the best.
43 AnonymousID:7EKtsR5W0
What am I, a person who has no ability but live desperately?
45 AnonymousID:MJZxIIaI0
You have your good points.
48 AnonymousID:j63caF0B0
You’re just an ordinary citizen.
There are many of them in ONE PIECE.
49 AnonymousID:OskAYVGP0
I can lie!
59 AnonymousID:xgWSrg+i0
Desperately” is the lie.
51 AnonymousID:QQjFDioF0

But Negative Hollow doesn’t work on you.
68 AnonymousID:PSfJ8SrY0
Ability does not rule the world!
93 AnonymousID:1wmXbcrkr
Just shut up and come with us!!!!
44 AnonymousID:HGgd9lXQ0
I don’t always understand what Zoro’s attacks are doing.
50 AnonymousID:zNPIa64J0
He’ve already learned how to beam from his sword.
55 AnonymousID:f46XOiVG0
I’m sure I can be strong too since Koby became so strong, right?
61 AnonymousID:skcRWbdx0
If the author loves you
56 AnonymousID:14zEEza90
Sanji is a modified human, so in a way he’s weirder than Devil Fruit.
57 AnonymousID:7YTC1hgA0
Zoro has the makings of a captain.
58 AnonymousID:PT8rFal0M
I don’t think so. He is not the type to be a captain.
65 AnonymousID:L9zFOfFi0
Urouge “He doesn’t look like the kind of guy who follows others”
He looks like a captain, but he’s a loner.
60 AnonymousID:o/PtI+BA0
A mere cook with a billion dollar bounty on his head is more unusual.
70 AnonymousID:14zEEza90
He’s just an altered human being.
64 AnonymousID:PSfJ8SrY0
Koby, who has no special abilities, seems to be stronger than the Smoke Man.
66 AnonymousID:kLyikhAU0
The crews are sometimes robots, eat Devil Fruit, rely on the power of science, mysterious plant users, start to transform, and frankly, Zoro is the only ally character who has grown up without a blip since the beginning.
69 AnonymID:6K70ic6U0
Eneru: “I can spread Color of Observation Haki all over Island, and I have more muscle than Zoro.
He is too strong.
74 AnonymousID:iWlAXixw0
If Zoro ate a Zoan, it would be one of the strongest.
I think it doesn’t need Mythical Zoan and awakening.
77 AnonymousID:zskBD8MT0
Zoro has been described as training hard in his spare time.
I think it’s the most convincing in terms of strength.
78 AnonymousID:AphBVennM
Zoro is probably stronger than Kid and Law, so why such a low bounty?
Is he not considered dangerous because he’s not the captain?
80 AnonymousID:kLyikhAU0
Zoro “wants to be the best swordsman in the world”.
It’s funny because there are no strong swordsmen on the sea.
88 AnonymousID:DaUypuyr0
I wish he would have fought Ryuma with Zoro’s shadow.
81 AnonymousID:hDC1rE4w0
Garp with bare hands.
82 AnonymousID:QQjFDioF0
Zoro “I’m not going to lose again… Eneru, Aokiji, Kuma, Kizaru, and Kaido are not swordsmen, so don’t include.”
89 AnonymousID:L9zFOfFi0
They’re all strong characters!
91 AnonymousID:kLyikhAU0
All of them have super powers.
83 AnonymousID:mcrvNfi40
If the guy with the sword is a swordsman, he’s going to have to defeat Shanks.
Is it okay?
84 AnonymousID:Gj358gD70
I think the story will end without me fighting Mihawk
87 AnonymousID:K3+fkJlW0
I think he can beat Mihawk if he try, but I don’t think he can beat Shanks.
94 AnonymousID:14zEEza90
Shanks and Mihawk are both swordsmen and the strongest candidates.
It’s imposible to win them.
100 AnonymousID:XfJd9o8S0
I think about it, the One Piece world relies too much on power.