【Sad story】Hiruma of Eyeshield21 debunks parents lottery believer.

Eyeshield 21

(C) Original story: Riichiro Inagaki , Art by Yusuke Murata/SHUEISHA INC.

5: 2024/01/28 23:22:46.38 ID:n6erijw+d.net
What is Hiruma talking about when he has one of the best cheat brains, strong shoulders and control in the whole work?
15: 2024/01/28 23:27:23.01 ID:YmPH2ZAW0.net
If you look at it dispassionately, it’s like a higher version of Unsui, except for the power.
7: 2024/01/28 23:24:00.70 ID:PME3/o6B0.net
His parents are professional chess players, so he won the PARENTS LOTTERY.
10: 2024/01/28 23:25:09.17 ID:wXOLgVoax.net
If Yukimitsu says it, it’s very convincing, but if a cheat character says it, it’s not very convincing.
11: 2024/01/28 23:26:08.78 ID:vnlaxjLx0.net
I mean, he’s got everything but the physical.
14: 2024/01/28 23:27:09.61 ID:jj02d0CG0.net
He’s got great shoulders, so he’s a physical guy, too.
18: 2024/01/28 23:28:48.58 ID:YmPH2ZAW0.net
And his feet are not too slow for a QB .
26: 2024/01/28 23:32:27.99 ID:vnlaxjLx0.net
His legs are slower than those of a skinny girl who was in the culture club until junior high school.
31: 2024/01/28 23:33:46.99 ID:Q6bMkulJ0.net
Kid, Unsui and Kobanzame are all slower than Karin.
40: 2024/01/28 23:35:13.12 ID:SaBqKkpC0.net
Karin is a monster.
There are plenty of men who can’t do the 40-yard dash in under five seconds.
Karin is as far from reality as Ikkyu.
17: 2024/01/28 23:28:38.21 ID:CXubz+B/0.net
He’s talking about getting by with what you have, not words of comfort for those who lost the parents lottery…
48: 2024/01/28 23:37:07.22 ID:gtbl+cAq0.net
He’s a cheat who has all the abilities except physical than the top class, and he doesn’t need to do any tricks, so he’is missing the point in any case.
19: 2024/01/28 23:30:34.83 ID:2d6eDTs50.net
THE BASKETBALL WHICH KUROKO PLAYS is never mentioned, but Eyeshield21 is often mentioned.
It’s a mystery.
25: 2024/01/28 23:32:21.60 ID:CXubz+B/0.net
The reason is that Kuroko is boring.
It’s a common phenomenon in comics that are popular because of the character designs.
37: 2024/01/28 23:34:45.99 ID:Gw5h3qqbd.net
MidorimaMidorimaMidorima & Midorima
20: 2024/01/28 23:30:42.92 ID:WReyTIxad.net
He just feels inferior because he’s not as physical as the best of the best.
21: 2024/01/28 23:30:53.66 ID:MOXNgvQX0.net
Long passes with low altitude straight trajectories are bogus level.
His Shoulder’s stronger than Hormer’s, which boasted a shuttle pass.
22: 2024/01/28 23:31:04.40 ID:N7F0n7aq0.net
You coerced me into joining, didn’t you?
30: 2024/01/28 23:33:19.89 ID:CXubz+B/0.net
It’s out of the question that we can’t make it to the tournament.
23: 2024/01/28 23:32:05.43 ID:Fs639iOP0.net
I’m sure this drawing ability is a gift.
27: 2024/01/28 23:32:31.89 ID:yzZaxUZd0.net
the author traded the storytelling ability for the drawing ability.
28: 2024/01/28 23:32:32.57 ID:MOXNgvQX0.net
He’is going to use all the tools at his disposal, right?
Hiruma can threaten the principal as usual so that he can do club activities until the 3rd year, right?
29: 2024/01/28 23:32:39.62 ID:XfZxZC3C0.net
It’s weird that Hiruma and Kurita are in the same high school…
33: 2024/01/28 23:34:07.19 ID:YbeTo5Yt0.net
I love this feeling before a match.
It makes my blood run cold.
293: 2024/01/29(月) 00:34:23.90 ID:VYvzOGzz0.net
Ishimaru likes it very much.
34: 2024/01/28 23:34:09.20 ID:zmw37cLp0.net
It took me a year to get three seconds off.
36: 2024/01/28 23:34:45.89 ID:N8AyfJ0d0.net
We’ll select a representative of Japan!
Takami, he has an old injury and his physical ability is mediocre… The world is not so easy that mediocrity is acceptable…
Hiruma-sama! Of course he is the official starting QB!
105: 2024/01/28 23:48:23.68 ID:vKp27wOm0.net
But really, the only QB better than Hiruma is Kid.
115: 2024/01/28 23:49:56.50 ID:MyJbNjbS0.net
Well, the only other people who appear in the film are Unsui and Maruko.
119: 2024/01/28 23:50:46.24 ID:MOXNgvQX0.net
Maruko’s real position is Safety.
42: 2024/01/28 23:35:59.65 ID:kNGq7AmF0.net
Is it true that when people with football experience watch Eyeshield21, Ikkyu and Yamato just look like monsters?
47: 2024/01/28 23:37:06.86 ID:Gw5h3qqbd.net
Ikkyu can’t possibly run that fast backwards.
Yamato’s ability to not collapse is too strong, though not so plain.
54: 2024/01/28 23:38:16.21 ID:W14aWO+8d.net
Even for an inexperienced person.They’re a monster.
43: 2024/01/28 23:36:12.07 ID:XaEJ/DPid.net
His standards are probably Agon and Shinryuuji Naga.
45: 2024/01/28 23:36:29.14 ID:Z1ZyZeQQ0.net
QB’s abilities weren’t inflated overall.
60: 2024/01/28 23:39:02.71 ID:Q6bMkulJ0.net
Clifford is the only QB who can run at light speed.
51: 2024/01/28 23:38:02.65 ID:vKp27wOm0.net
Rumor has it that Deimon lost to Ojo and was supposed to continue club activities until his junior year, but an incompetent editor forced him to change the setting.
52: 2024/01/28 23:38:04.36 ID:mWF66tTR0.net
It was kind of fun until the Kanto tournament.
But after the dinosaur-like guy appeared out of nowhere and defeated everyone, the Kansai guys came out who were even stronger than the dinosaurs, and I just stopped reading.
55: 2024/01/28 23:38:27.83 ID:kCT/WHxU0.net
The reality is that Deimon, which has become stronger than Shinryuuji Naga in a few months and also has Ishimaru on its team, is a much more dream team.
64: 2024/01/28 23:39:46.40 ID:Wq0siY4Ad.net
The only monsters on Shinryuuji Naga are Ikkyu and Agon.
63: 2024/01/28 23:39:23.41 ID:wXOLgVoax.net
Akaba, a pathetic player who is stronger than Shin but was left out of Japan’s national team.
69: 2024/01/28 23:40:23.47 ID:Q6bMkulJ0.net
He belonged to the Japanese national team, right?
71: 2024/01/28 23:41:06.38 ID:sDSs3cJ80.net
He was there, but he was still hung up on kicking teams.
You gotta fight normal.
75: 2024/01/28 23:41:39.01 ID:L8tGn6DJd.net
Akaba was erased because it was too strong and could destroy the story.
116: 2024/01/28 23:50:04.70 ID:gzWiQPLHa.net
Agon “All of them are me. That’s the strongest” vs. 22 Gao
123: 2024/01/28 23:51:34.53 ID:vKp27wOm0.net
Gao is treated like a shitty character, but without desperate characters like him, the manga wouldn’t last or be told.
77: 2024/01/28 23:41:46.65 ID:qGVt75iRa.net
You guys make fun of Hiruma like that, but I’ve been working hard for about 20 years based on this line.
Hiruma is my mentor.
53: 2024/01/28 23:38:10.40 ID:sbcBftPl0.net
He’s the first guy who destroyed my brain when i was a kid because he was getting good mood with Mamori.