【Sad newe】Mr. Piccolo: “I wonder when did it start… that we became so different from Goku…” ← When did this start?


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2: 2020/08/17 00:00:47 ID:JT+yTNO8a.net
From the time He stopped calling Goku”son”.
3: 2020/08/17 00:01:12 ID:OCVGWIBF0.net
From the Androids Saga
From the moment Cell became Second form and Vegeta became Super Vegeta, there was an unbridgeable gap between Goku and me.
6: 2020/08/17 00:02:04 ID:PBGvK3Tk0.net
Frieza Saga~Cell Saga
7: 2020/08/17 00:02:11 ID:JT+yTNO8a.net
So sad.
8: 2020/08/17 00:02:42 ID:GTu438Qe0.net
It’s Nappa battle
9: 2020/08/17 00:02:49 ID:Ic0VXU0O0.net
When Piccolo combined with God, he was stronger than Super Saiyan.
10: 2020/08/17 00:02:58 ID:ZptXa2yr0.net
Piccolo could absorb about five Namek on the Namek planet and he’d be a Namek God.
11: 2020/08/17 00:03:04 ID:FQ+e78E2p.net
It’s easy to forget, but Piccolo was the strongest for a moment during the Cell Saga.
27: 2020/08/17 00:05:31.07 ID:QEQmEiiYa.net
Wasn’t He evenly matched with Android 17?
Was Piccolo about to win?
Did Hellzone Grenade work?
35: 2020/08/17 00:05:56.44 ID:RggZDd1hd.net
Hellzone Grenade was disabled by the barriers
39: 2020/08/17 00:06:24 ID:OCVGWIBF0.net
If Hellzone Grenade had hit, he could have possibly won, but the barrier prevented it. Android has infinite health, so Piccolo is at a disadvantage.
40: 2020/08/17 00:06:28 ID:T6mopurm0.net
That was blocked by the barrier.
I think they were evenly matched, but Piccolo was at a disadvantage because he was losing energy.
14: 2020/08/17 00:03:33 ID:Wjgx7PiL0.net
Are there still Nail and God in Piccolo?
32: 2020/08/17 00:05:35.59 ID:yxAfvdlQ0.net
These guys have rather strong egos.
41: 2020/08/17 00:06:30 ID:r5slThc40.net
If anything, Piccolo’s character may have been lost.
42: 2020/08/17 00:06:40 ID:MjoEdzdma.net
Nail is gone
God is integrated
15: 2020/08/17 00:03:39 ID:OczdfMmn0.net
God should have taken Piccolo and Gohan with him to the other side when King Kai’s training took place.
18: 2020/08/17 00:04:33 ID:r5slThc40.net
It’s bad enough that Piccolo has’t used the new technique since Special Beam Cannon.
30: 2020/08/17 00:05:34.72 ID:amOXk7DPp.net
There’s a Light Grenade.
21: 2020/08/17 00:04:47 ID:OCVGWIBF0.net
There’s Hellzone Grenade.
156: 2020/08/17 00:16:00.11 ID:RDTskxLQ0.net
There’s a energy bullet that shoots forward after you put both fingers together.
I don’t know what it’s called.
19: 2020/08/17 00:04:41 ID:3YQWt/ZJ0.net
He was the strongest for a moment in Godccolo vs Andoroid18
29: 2020/08/17 00:05:32.56 ID:RggZDd1hd.net
It’s 17, not 18.
20: 2020/08/17 00:04:44 ID:1sFqia/i0.net
The gap has already been widening since Saiyan attacked.
26: 2020/08/17 00:05:23.38 ID:OCVGWIBF0.net
At that time, I was still at the level where He could catch up by becoming Godcollo, so it was safe.
23: 2020/08/17 00:04:49 ID:JT+yTNO8a.net
Goku’s Rivals
Krillin← bald
Tien Shinhan← bald
Majnia← bald
Vegeta← bald
24: 2020/08/17 00:05:06 ID:T6mopurm0.net
Did Godcollo fight Android 18?
31: 2020/08/17 00:05:34.77 ID:2KXJGS5s0.net
Androi17, right?
25: 2020/08/17 00:05:12 ID:Wjgx7PiL0.net
Hellzone Grenade used for Androi17 is cool!
28: 2020/08/17 00:05:31.57 ID:rCoqJ7aC0.net
If He hits Special Beam Cannon by surprise, he can do it.
34: 2020/08/17 00:05:42 ID:MjoEdzdma.net
Piccolo was reasonably strong until the Cell Saga.
He is a small fish relying on fusion, and now that there’s no one left to fuse with, he can’t keep up anymore.
36: 2020/08/17 00:05:58.53 ID:JT+yTNO8a.net
I always thought that without Nail, a tremendous waste of Dragon ball would have happened.
80: 2020/08/17 00:10:06 ID:Sg4a4UwJ0.net
If it weren’t for Nail, Frieza would have killed Piccolo instantly and Gohan and Krillin’s hard work would have gone to waste.
141: 2020/08/17 00:14:44.43 ID:Jp7i4YfD0.net
Vegeta:”Why did you bring this scum back to life?”
37: 2020/08/17 00:06:00.21 ID:B1wFvHhra.net
That’s when Goku started using Kaio-Ken.
Piccolo was just barely ahead of him at the time of Raditz.
206: 2020/08/17 00:19:54.66 ID:mO+tQW1gM.net
I miss the days when Everybody could rely on Piccolo.
It was Dragon Ball up to that point, and the rest was just a game of raising their fighting power.
38: 2020/08/17 00:06:23 ID:OQT8Dxwx0.net
I felt sad when It’s long shot but Piccolo entered The Hyperbolic Time Chamber during the Android Saga.
181: 2020/08/17 00:17:52.89 ID:RDTskxLQ0.net
It’s so sad that Vegeta snickered at Mr. Piccolo coming out of The Hyperbolic Time Chamber and others.
50: 2020/08/17 00:07:36 ID:88lbAfoLa.net
Like Vegeta vs Android18 in the early stages of Cell Saga
They are matched in strength.
43: 2020/08/17 00:06:41 ID:57Vn4VWo0.net
From the Buu Saga on, Piccolo was just a funny green uncle.
45: 2020/08/17 00:06:46 ID:RggZDd1hd.net
Piccolo should have learned Kaio-Ken.
73: 2020/08/17 00:09:37.52 ID:VEBA7GKa0.net
Three bald guys who went to King Kai planet and didn’t learn anything.
51: 2020/08/17 00:07:42 ID:2KXJGS5s0.net
Come to think of it, those guys can’t use Kaio-Ken either, even though they were trained by King Kai.
46: 2020/08/17 00:07:17 ID:r/9Yx+dE0.net
Too much inflation, poor thing.
47: 2020/08/17 00:07:22 ID:3zTyTOre0.net
At the time of Namek planet’s arrogant Piccolo, it wasn’t that different from Goku.
Is this okay?
48: 2020/08/17 00:07:24 ID:dO/tLIup0.net
Was the difference the smallest when combined with God?
At that time, Goku would be at the normal Super Saiyan level.
63: 2020/08/17 00:08:31 ID:1nPKJevX0.net
Super Saiyan hyperinflation is bad.
The setting is so bad that the guy can become a Super Saiyan even though can’t even use Flying.
77: 2020/08/17 00:09:46 ID:KxLRNx0Q0.net
To be honest, I would have preferred to strengthen Mr. Piccolo to that level rather than strengthen No. 17 like BLUE.
79: 2020/08/17 00:10:06 ID:c+einxNc0.net
I wonder how strong Piccolo is in the Buu Saga.
I feel like him should be as strong as Cell before it self-destructed, but Dabura and the others treated him like a small fish.
109: 2020/08/17 00:12:38.33 ID:MMEGSq610.net
Piccolo is weaker than Dabura.
Even though he got hit by a surprise spitting, he could have avoided it if he was faster than Dabura.
133: 2020/08/17 00:14:19.65 ID:Fg7vSZt5d.net
It’s like Buu was resurrected because Krillin,Piccolo who was a common sense person was killed and idiot saiyan toria was left behind.
81: 2020/08/17 00:10:18 ID:ZAI/iq+y0.net
The scene where Goku says to Piccolo, “You know, you’re useless as a fighting force, so let’s split up again and bring back God” is so bad that I almost cry every time I see it.
113: 2020/08/17 00:12:52.80 ID:StvMKsYQ0.net
I didn’t see it, but did Goku say that?
123: 2020/08/17 00:13:31.80 ID:OCVGWIBF0.net
The original story…
190: 2020/08/17 00:18:34.46 ID:Edg0clXF0.net
When Piccolo and God combined,Since the dragon ball stopped working. so Goku asked Piccolo to split into two again.
And since Piccolo couldn’t, Goku brought in Dende instead.
118: 2020/08/17 00:13:01.15 ID:VVGk85usr.net
Goku is a man without blood and tears since Cell Game
It can’t be helped.
90: 2020/08/17 00:10:48 ID:xvxlzF2Ea.net
I was shocked to see that Piccolo couldn’t do anything about the Frieza third form.
91: 2020/08/17 00:10:53 ID:amOXk7DPp.net
Young people on the average Namek planet(Combat Power3000)
King Piccolo(Combat Power260)
God(Combat Power300)
So sad…
144: 2020/08/17 00:15:12.01 ID:QsQByM320.net
Nail: “Why am I still absorbed while everyone else is revived…?”
151: 2020/08/17 00:15:41.29 ID:8cXc2n3L0.net
Kill me・・・Kill me・・・