Kiba Inuzuka: “I’m going to Orochimaru’s place!” ←Naruto still went to recapture it?


Which is more important, Kiba Inuzuka or Sasuke? Don’t ask me that, it’s silly. Of course it’s Sasuke. Oops, I made a mistake. Japanese Naruto lovers discuss the forbidden question. Let’s take a look at some of them.

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1: 2023/09/13 00:56:44.57 ID:20HjnbHGa
You don’t discriminate against your friends, do you?

2: 2023/09/13 00:57:26.86 ID:oHA/wbTQ0
Orochimaru doesn’t show interest, so it’s safe.
3: 2023/09/13 00:57:30.97 ID:7jWlKQ5hd
Naruto “I don’t care.”
4: 2023/09/13 00:58:09.90 ID:TJH+MPJq0
Akamaru? Leave it.
5: 2023/09/13 00:58:26.26 ID:Pg/VF+cQ0
Passing Fang Guy
6: 2023/09/13 00:59:10.05 ID:oHA/wbTQ0
I wonder why this guy is alive and Neji is dead.
21: 2023/09/13 01:07:27.58 ID:CyW4sRsWa
Killing Kiba and Shino won’t create any development because they are too unimportant.
7: 2023/09/13 00:59:51.67 ID:HP8SN1E90
He will keep spinning even if He get a cursed seal…
16: 2023/09/13 01:05:56.01 ID:nEN2jCGM0
8: 2023/09/13 01:02:02.23 ID:VkZ7dKRK0
The guy in the same group should go help first.
10: 2023/09/13 01:03:20.58 ID:oHA/wbTQ0
I wonder what will happen if only Kiba gets the curse mark.
11: 2023/09/13 01:03:37.88 ID:3T7qAm0P0
Orochimaru is going to say,
“You’re no good, you’re not even a temporary body”
and kill him.
12: 2023/09/13 01:03:49.79 ID:rAoKL7q90
Orochimaru and Shino together would be creepy strong.
13: 2023/09/13 01:04:16.26 ID:wo13FG2c0
Orochimaru “I don’t want Kiba-kun, but Akamaru-kun would be fine.”
15: 2023/09/13 01:05:46.38 ID:TPiLd0Z10
Seriously, he’s going to say something like that.
14: 2023/09/13 01:04:59.84 ID:SEK/UiFj0
I’ve been thinking about it, that special move doesn’t need to rotate, does it?
17: 2023/09/13 01:06:31.84 ID:oHA/wbTQ0
Rasengan is spinning too.
18: 2023/09/13 01:07:02.19 ID:9+c1YgDka
He’s a shinobi and all He can do is a spinning tackle…
19: 2023/09/13 01:07:11.17 ID:PaTc81zV0
Hinata goes to help, Naruto goes to help Hinata.
20: 2023/09/13 01:07:21.94 ID:wo13FG2c0
if Akamaru were here, wouldn’t Kiba be necessary?
23: 2023/09/13 01:09:08.24 ID:CRiqS74Nd
Without a dog he can’t do anything, but even The legendary Sannin wouldn’t be strong at all without a frog.
24: 2023/09/13 01:11:20.76 ID:8QT2Rbtt0
That’s the theory of someone who could be as strong as The Sannin if he had a dog.
25: 2023/09/13 01:14:21.96 ID:CyW4sRsWa
To be honest, if it’s Kiba, before leaving the village,
Shino will say something like “I put a bug on you just in case something like this happens” and he’ll be caught and sent to the torture room.
26: 2023/09/13 01:15:12.70 ID:ysWT/pe/0
Orochimaru: “What are you doing here? You”.
27: 2023/09/13 01:16:04.21 ID:lpApmodV0
If he take away Kiba’s body, he’s going to be weaker.
28: 2023/09/13 01:17:06.55 ID:kDvDfFsua
If it weren’t for the dog, He wouldn’t even be able to beat White Zetsu alone.
29: 2023/09/13 01:17:14.80 ID:PLv4EAvXr
Team Kurenai was very fast to get through the forest of death, wasn’t it?
33: 2023/09/13 01:20:36.25 ID:CyW4sRsWa
Well, the content was very advantageous for the group structure.
30: 2023/09/13 01:18:31.79 ID:+gW2C2vcd
He should have been a hero as the only human being that Infinite Tsukuyomi doesn’t work on, because he has the intelligence and nose of a dog, but the reality is…….
31: 2023/09/13 01:19:13.63 ID:/H2Gu5/e0
A manga that is all about talent masquerading as hard work.
The main character has a cheat called “Nine-Tails” due to the genes of his genius parents.
And the family is a family of geniuses, so it’s a shitty manga about a talented guy pretending to work hard.
32: 2023/09/13 01:19:45.34 ID:Rkw+tI82d
Kiba is stronger than Sasuke at that point, isn’t he?
Sasuke was unscathed and beaten up, but Kiba wounded him and made him take it seriously.
34: 2023/09/13 01:22:43.56 ID:aD6u+pkV0
He has a dog and now He has to take care of a snake
35: 2023/09/13 01:26:07.91 ID:WUPsfIJdr
Having a good nose is useful.
Strong is not the only way to be a ninja.

Citation: Kiba Inuzuka: “I’m going to Orochimaru’s place!” ←Naruto still went to recapture it?