【Good News】Here is the ranking of the number of copies per volume of Jump manga!!

Small talk

(C) Buichi Terasawa/SHUEISHA INC.

1: 2023/04/05 10:02:43.25 ID:lL7MPzmb0
1. Demon slayer 6.52 million copies
2. DRAGON BALL 6.19 million copies
3. SLAM DUNK 5.48 million copies
4. ONE PIECE 4.8 million copies
5. Fist of the North Star 3.7 million copies
6. Jujutsu Kaisen 3.5 million copies
7. NARUTO 3.47 million copies
8. Yu Yu Hakusho 2.63 million copies
9. DEATH NOTE 2.5 million copies
10. HUNTER×HUNTER 2.33 million copies
11. My Hero Academia 2.29 million copies
12. Rurouni Kenshin 2.06 million copies
13. The Promised Neverland 2.05 million copies
14. COBRA: The Psychogun 1.92 million copies
15. Chainsaw Man 1.76 million copies

2: 2023/04/05 10:03:11.39 ID:lL7MPzmb0
By the way, the only manga from the 2000s is DEATH NOTE.
And there are 5 manga from the 2010s, which means there was a bumper crop.
82: 2023/04/05 10:36:26.99 ID:MAE/Twgs0
I see that Naruto started serialization in 1999, just barely.
3: 2023/04/05 10:03:32.14 ID:lL7MPzmb0
Whoever said it was a dark period didn’t see things correctly.
4: 2023/04/05 10:03:53.07 ID:4pAmdvW1a
The chainsaw man is awesome.
7: 2023/04/05 10:05:43.54 ID:4pAmdvW1a
I haven’t read just Cobra.
8: 2023/04/05 10:05:47.77 ID:NJtf5d7w0
Attack on Titan is better than these works, right?
Demon slayer might have these beat.
9: 2023/04/05 10:05:57.56 ID:taWDWd8S0
I didn’t know COBRA was quite a big seller.
11: 2023/04/05 10:06:33.66 ID:C33XK7cZp
The Promised Neverland feels out of place .
12: 2023/04/05 10:06:44.81 ID:Kk8FzlSW0
Mr.Oda…you have let me down.
13: 2023/04/05 10:07:12.48 ID:nHaBEub90
I didn’t expect The Promised Neverland to be ranked.
14: 2023/04/05 10:07:33.03 ID:c4JxRSaF0
It’s not a manga serialized in Jump, but Touch looks amazing in terms of circulation per volume.
15: 2023/04/05 10:07:35.64 ID:D0YlCDPPp
How about BLEACH?
16: 2023/04/05 10:07:35.73 ID:NJtf5d7w0
BLEACH would be in here if it was just the first half.
It would have dropped down the rankings in the second half.
17: 2023/04/05 10:07:39.47 ID:4DCE4SUbr
Chainsaw Man is selling like crazy!
This is great after the anime adaptation failed.
18: 2023/04/05 10:07:54.40 ID:4pAmdvW1a
Even in ONE PIECE, NARUTO, and BLEACH, there’s a big disparity.
19: 2023/04/05 10:08:03.25 ID:oNj7541M0
How about Gin Tama?
22: 2023/04/05 10:08:40.16 ID:oNj7541M0
After all, battle manga is strong.
24: 2023/04/05 10:09:35.66 ID:3afXhb3V0
KochiKame: Tokyo Beat Cops just doing the lazy thing is old harmful.
25: 2023/04/05 10:09:39.88 ID:SfXWfNEj0
Surprised that there is no Haikyu!!
29: 2023/04/05 10:11:00.17 ID:NJtf5d7w0
Only women buy those.
27: 2023/04/05 10:09:55.07 ID:JjP2eNU7d
Dragon Ball is not fair.
28: 2023/04/05 10:10:20.10 ID:H/jLDf730
COBRA is awesome.
I thought it was a third-rate manga that only the internet crowd talked about.
30: 2023/04/05 10:11:19.41 ID:f7JDm/JVM
COBRA is usually funny and cool when you read it.
31: 2023/04/05 10:11:44.83 ID:rqkh13V20
I don’t think sports are popular anymore.
SLAM DUNK was just an anomaly.
It sold like shit in Korea and other places.
32: 2023/04/05 10:12:29.62 ID:4KN/Wr0or
Demon slayer
Jujutsu Kaisen
My Hero Academia
The Promised Neverland
Chainsaw Man

It was the golden age of JUMP when all of these were serialized, wasn’t it?

38: 2023/04/05 10:13:50.41 ID:XEPYtDeV0
It’s an embarrassing moment when you said it was the dark ages and THREAD was standing all over the place.
67: 2023/04/05 10:24:29.70 ID:u8jL8M4m0
Demon slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Chainsaw Man didn’t make much of a splash or sell well at the time of their serialization.
They were all fake figures that were only sold because of the special demand for COVID-19.
92: 2023/04/05 10:41:09.71 ID:u1vm9rs10
But the current Jump is also shining in my mind.
Undead Unluck, Sakamoto Days, and The Elusive Samurai.
And they’re all written by mid-career writers, so they don’t seem to stretch things out.
33: 2023/04/05 10:12:35.70 ID:8UR0Rm6pr
I thought YU-GI-OH! was selling well.
35: 2023/04/05 10:12:45.73 ID:KTZg7Hc0d
Devilman(10 million copies per volume 5 volumes)
42: 2023/04/05 10:14:34.16 ID:fwVIFIEJa
No clear source
47: 2023/04/05 10:16:32.42 ID:u8jL8M4m0
I sent an e-mail to Kodansha asking about the authenticity of the report, and they replied that if other companies’ sales were included, the number of copies sold would be 50 million or more.
54: 2023/04/05 10:19:27.62 ID:ADHpilLO0
You’re lying.
I’d be sorry if I had any proof.
101: 2023/04/05 10:43:42.31 ID:wf17xM+Da
All these rankings include overseas sales.
104: 2023/04/05 10:45:01.21 ID:WqwRfB7fa
My Hero Academia didn’t sell this much in Japan only.
36: 2023/04/05 10:13:06.36 ID:xKo5dxtM0
So BLEACH is finally gone.
40: 2023/04/05 10:14:11.64 ID:R2o9R1cTM
Bleach would have been legendary if it had been finished in a little over 20 volumes,but it was a manga that went on and on for nothing and dripped with garbage, so that’s what happens.
43: 2023/04/05 10:15:18.16 ID:oNj7541M0
Are you saying it should end with the Rukia rescue chapter?
41: 2023/04/05 10:14:24.75 ID:pxOL2GG60
You’ve sold so many copies, but there’s so little to talk about.
DRAGON BALL and SLAM DUNK are still being discussed in threads.
48: 2023/04/05 10:16:39.14 ID:4pAmdvW1a
What cartoon are you talking about?
49: 2023/04/05 10:16:49.77 ID:fwVIFIEJa
Those two works are just too crazy.
I wonder if there will ever be another work in the future that will make so much money more than 20 years after its serialization ends.
50: 2023/04/05 10:17:37.00 ID:KHGLr4qa0
I had a feeling Assassination Classroom would sell better than Chainsaw Man.
52: 2023/04/05 10:18:14.72 ID:DIc2Ly1Aa
The longer the series, the less favorable the volume split.
51: 2023/04/05 10:18:11.78 ID:PH2lAGPP0
My Hero Academia and Jujutsu Kaisen will probably sell 100 million copies.
60: 2023/04/05 10:22:12.57 ID:j9VuTVVd0
Knights of the Zodiac is surprisingly not selling well.
62: 2023/04/05 10:22:30.77 ID:rNU4hUqqa
Fist of the North StarI wonder how popular it was back then.
63: 2023/04/05 10:22:55.15 ID:GfEj2lQCx
Chainsaw Man is awesome!
64: 2023/04/05 10:23:03.16 ID:bsQw1blJ0
To be honest, it was a golden age until recently.
66: 2023/04/05 10:24:25.72 ID:JjP2eNU7d
The end of 2019 is the last golden age.
68: 2023/04/05 10:24:41.86 ID:We6oAyuka
Demon slayer is strong.
72: 2023/04/05 10:27:16.92 ID:bsQw1blJ0
You’re being too subjective to say they’re not talked about.
At least The Promised Neverland and Demon slayer are legit types that had strong jump surveys.
76: 2023/04/05 10:33:05.01 ID:t/0a1I9vM
Demon slayer is 23 volumes complete, right?
If you look at the numbers, it’s really a monster.
78: 2023/04/05 10:34:25.10 ID:eBO62tqDd
The Promised Neverland is the only one I haven’t read.
79: 2023/04/05 10:34:48.71 ID:C26hmNgrr
BLEACH unranked LOL.
80: 2023/04/05 10:36:04.12 ID:oQbufx6s0
HUNTER x HUNTER has unexpectedly low circulation
81: 2023/04/05 10:36:11.13 ID:UYKIETMQ0
If Muzan Kibutsuji had run away, Demon slayer would have turned into Inuyasha,so I’m glad it ended the way it did, no matter how much of a money tree it was.
It’s great that the editors were able to end it on a decent note.
83: 2023/04/05 10:37:07.37 ID:arsRZ+JGd
My Hero Academia has never had a first printing of 1 million copies, which is what The Prince of Tennis has achieved, right?
That’s a weird comic.
96: 2023/04/05 10:42:52.86 ID:J4VSwjjm0
My Hero Academia has too little support from old men and women and the otaku crowd……
That’s the important thing in this day and age.
89: 2023/04/05 10:40:48.29 ID:oswrb2MEM
Are recent works selling that well?
It doesn’t include online sales, does it?
95: 2023/04/05 10:42:13.09 ID:bsQw1blJ0
In most cases, unless it is stated that it is not included, it is included.
Circulation (number of print publications) + electronic sales, which is a little different from actual sales.
91: 2023/04/05 10:40:54.92 ID:bZvjHUC60
I think Demon slayer is really popular.
My sister started to watch anime after watching Demon slayer.
93: 2023/04/05 10:41:46.18 ID:vvhTRJ71a
The popularity among elementary and junior high school students is real.
When the final chapter airs in theaters, it will probably overtake Infinity Train.
6: 2023/04/05 10:04:46.62 ID:HxggcMA30
The rankings seem to be in proportion to the fun.