Elder toguro:”Hyooooou!!Why?Why Don’t you die!?”Zash! Dash!←It’s been 30 years since then…

YuYu Hakusho

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1: 2024/01/18 02:12:20.94 ID:S04CM/PU0
It’s time to let him go 😢.


2: 2024/01/18 02:15:04.13 ID:g1DT42GZ0
You don’t even deserve to die.
3: 2024/01/18 02:15:20.54 ID:vAJ03JCe0
Why does’t he notice it?
5: 2024/01/18 02:22:27.10 ID:TDqe563/d
He is just a bad character, but didn’t do anything that bad.
he ended up being too miserable.
6: 2024/01/18 02:23:33.61 ID:bnCW8qvHH
In fact, it’s like Kurama took it out on him.
7: 2024/01/18 02:25:07.03 ID:m+0XHaUW0
Younger Toguro is probably regretting it right now.
8: 2024/01/18 02:26:12.63 ID:Mn2KngJFM
I cry to think that Younger brother is still in that hell waiting for him to come.
9: 2024/01/18 02:26:41.00 ID:S04CM/PU0
He is a real immortal.
He has no life expectancy. Seriously, No matter what was done, he’ll never die.
Even if he’s released, he’ll probably end up wandering the universe at some point.
10: 2024/01/18 02:26:50.54 ID:TDqe563/d
What Elder Toguro did…
・Killed three opponents in a tournament with no rules (they had agreed to compete together).
・He insulted Genkai by reenacting his death with a bad taste puppet show.
・He took over Makihara’s body in retaliation for trying to kill him.
・He provoked Kurama for causing Amanuma’s death.

Isn’t going to an infinite living hell too heavy a punishment?

17: 2024/01/18 02:37:34.04 ID:iJ0zawvX0
He would have done a lot of things that aren’t depicted.
19: 2024/01/18 02:38:17.90 ID:GD+19ZwD0
And killed a bird.
12: 2024/01/18 02:30:27.21 ID:HjsrPkN90
He’s just not dying easily. In fact, he’s probably already dead.
13: 2024/01/18 02:35:03.27 ID:S04CM/PU0
That’s what he’s capable of.
He thought he would die if his heart or brain were destroyed, but he didn’t. Officials say he is completely immortal, with no life span and no means of killing.
15: 2024/01/18 02:36:50.28 ID:crLjLZ+yM
Is he immortal?
If you crush something like core, he’ll die, right?
Or maybe he’ll die of old age.
16: 2024/01/18 02:37:17.03 ID:7+kengiq0
Hasn’t he benefited more from the specterification than Younger Toguro?
18: 2024/01/18 02:37:46.76 ID:h3SkkBJpH
Even if you can’t kill him with physical damage, can’t you kill him with viruses, chemicals, or gases?
20: 2024/01/18 02:38:30.07 ID:7+kengiq0
He’s in character with Mokuren from Flame of recca.
21: 2024/01/18 02:38:43.17 ID:5RXppLlQ0
Elder brother captures Keiko and lures Yusuke out for Younger Toguro who is excited to see the Spirit Gun Yusuke unleashed during his training!
But he was beaten up because of the puppet show, in the live action version 😭.
22: 2024/01/18 02:40:46.22 ID:mYAN/Uf30
Killing the bird that was so attached to Yukina is just as guilty as death.
23: 2024/01/18 02:40:52.71 ID:wHg/6JNc0
Kurama is mad at Sensui for the Amanuma fight, and taking it out on Elder toguro.
24: 2024/01/18 02:41:36.18 ID:crLjLZ+yM
He deserves all death for making Ms. Yukina cry.
25: 2024/01/18 02:43:34.54 ID:iJ0zawvX0
Now that I look back on it, it has influenced so many works.
Naruto, for example, has a completely similar setting in some points.
26: 2024/01/18 02:44:47.17 ID:7+kengiq0
When the tournaments come out, it feels like an old Jump cartoon.
27: 2024/01/18 02:47:05.89 ID:QSNr0hNF0
Kurama is no saint, and he was just making an emotional decision.
28: 2024/01/18 02:50:07.91 ID:qJ1R0IRz0
Elder Toguro hasn’t even digested one time of the 10,000 x 10,000 years.
29: 2024/01/18 02:50:13.38 ID:GD+19ZwD0
It would be fun to admire Mukuro’s old man and Elder Toguro side by side.
30: 2024/01/18 02:51:14.56 ID:1+3mHnPi0
I like him when he was a madman but quiet and mysterious.
31: 2024/01/18 02:53:56.83 ID:7+kengiq0
Togasi is a very good drawer In those days.
Ofcourse,He still draws well when he draws properly.
32: 2024/01/18 02:56:02.51 ID:wLJeB12L0
I wonder what he does with food and toilets.
Does he say “wait a minute” in the middle of a battle and then stop?
33: 2024/01/18 02:57:41.29 ID:5jTd3Kmw0
If he keeps cutting Kurama at that pace, he will have nothing to do after an hour, and he will realize that he is living in a fantasy world, won’t he?
From then on, he’s probably living happily ever after in his fantasy world.
36: 2024/01/18 03:04:21.45 ID:sfIuIl+c0
Realize that, brother.
You shouldn’t hear anything with Tapping!

Citation: ・Elder toguro:”Hyooooou!!Why?Why Don’t you die!?”ZashDash←It’s been 30 years since then…