“YuYu Hakusho is like the coolest quartet ever, isn’t it?”

YuYu Hakusho
(C)Yoshihiro Togashi/SHUEISHA INC.
1: Anonymous ID:5LJaal390
“I don’t know of any other group of four as cool as this.
They’re not all just handsome, but they’ve got a really balanced team dynamic, right?”

3: Anonymous ID:EGlAGqdm0
All except one of them are monstars.
4: Anonymous ID:ZG5G2Bf/0
Failure face is included.
7: Anonymous ID:MzsRnkkI0
It’s 90% Kurama and Hiei.
8: Anonymous ID:6Bx6Yb4V0
Kuwabara should not be included .
9: Anonymous ID:NClJ5oEt0
Yusuke and Kuwabara are junior high school students,No way?  It’s like.
10: Anonymous ID:KeQutje/0
What about the mask?
11: Anonymous ID:O+ixGLu00
Unlike “Hunter x Hunter,” despite being honestly uninteresting, this work is overrated for its character traits.
14: Anonymous ID:121C81eca
At the point it’s not finished, “Hunter x Hunter” is no good.
52: Anonymous ID:hvJHWP2g0
You’re a know-it-all who hasn’t read the original.
12: Anonymous ID:i4M3pOLRM
I honestly think it’s a masterpiece as a battle story from the middle part onwards.
But the beginning is…
13: Anonymous ID:l0VUuzgo0
Stories like Yusuke’s funeral or the raccoon dog one are moving.
19: Anonymous ID:i4M3pOLRM
That’s not a battle story, it’s a humanistic story about delinquents.
It’s a good story though.
15: Anonymous ID:SxaKDNNvd
Shall I show you my 999 technique?
16: Anonymous ID:lHmtKrdc0
Why aren’t the protagonists in Togashi’s works popular?
17: Anonymous ID:121C81eca
Dragon of the Darkness Flame,
Rose Whip,
Spirit Orb,
Spirit Sword Dual Blades.
I remember them well.
18: Anonymous ID:SxaKDNNvd
Game Master,
What else?
21: Anonymous ID:EGlAGqdm0
Don’t forget the sniper I admired the most. 😡
22: Anonymous ID:SxaKDNNvd
Sorry. Also,
who was that person who could completely transform into someone else, like Decoy Octopus in MGS?
Taboo and Gatekeeper were with him, a high schooler with a regent, right?
26: Anonymous ID:EGlAGqdm0
27: Anonymous ID:SxaKDNNvd
That’s it. Thanks.
I couldn’t remember for a long time.
I could remember dummies and dolls and stuff like that.
23: Anonymous ID:6Bx6Yb4V0
Spirit Detective, huh.
28: Anonymous ID:i4M3pOLRM
Isn’t it amazing that the story of the spirit world detective was coolly recovered in the episode between Kuroko and Sensui?
It was like a fail setup to me.
24: Anonymous ID:W55ic75j0
Hunter Hunter, a shitty manga that will never end.
25: Anonymous ID:ipatixxU0
When I saw the Yoko Kurama, I shuddered.
29: Anonymous ID:4MZTgA1m0
I don’t think there’s any other foursome with this much character.
43: Anonymous ID:UV4mS9qlM
can’t beat the Lupin gang.
31: Anonymous ID:Gd2kWF/e0
It has a credit for spreading the word in the manga world that the tournament system can be easily enlivened.
34: Anonymous ID:wqJexCRf0
That’s the Tenkaichi Budokai in Dragon Ball, right?
38: Anonymous ID:4wC0qGkA0
The protagonist isn’t the most interesting, a standard character fond of battles. Well, Gon is also a standard straightforward character.
40: Anonymous ID:i4M3pOLRM
That’s a bit too much of a know-it-all…
Gon is more of a psychopath than an honest man, and Yusuke is a pacifist who likes to fight, but doesn’t like one-sided violence.
39: Anonymous ID:deVvXcENd
I like that Kuwabara is so manly.
He’s a mood maker.
If it weren’t for Kuwabara, they wouldn’t all be united.
46: Anonymous ID:7mNyGbvU0
In the official voting, Hiei was overwhelmingly the most popular.
47: Anonymous ID:i4M3pOLRM
Because of the massive number of female fans.
Then Kurama comes next. Surprisingly, Hiei had more female popularity than Kurama.
48: Anonymous ID:4MZTgA1m0
In anime magazines, Kurama was always in the rankings.
In Jump’s popularity polls, Hiei was at the top because they included males.
58: Anonymous ID:i4M3pOLRM
You think so?
But in the latter half, Hiei had more female popularity in the magazine.
The very charming Kurama lost to Hiei in terms of what women would probably like.
49: Anonymous ID:YEjbSmUba
In real-time, after Hiei, it was completely Kurama.
Even after it ended, Kurama stayed in the top for a long time in Animage’s popularity polls.
50: Anonymous ID:bBST92RlM
Well, Hiei is like the textbook example of a chuunibyou(second year of middle school syndrome) character. Personally, I liked Kurama better.
51: Anonymous ID:i4M3pOLRM
The fanbase for the anime was completely different from the magazine.
The anime was all about the fujoshis(yaoi fangirl).
I heard Comiket at that time was filled with fujoshis of Yu Yu Hakusho.
53: Anonymous ID:vhtIF/Eca
The phenomenon of starting to like Kuwabara after becoming an adult.
54: Anonymous ID:qlBRed9N0
I like the part where Yusuke was just casually playing pachinko while Kuwabara was fighting.
57: Anonymous ID:EGlAGqdm0
Liked the furious exchange with Genkai.
55: Anonymous ID:SxaKDNNvd
I want to recreate Kaito’s Taboo, but no one’s joining me.
56: Anonymous ID:7+ggtk6L0
Can’t think of a funny face to make you laugh.
60: Anonymous ID:SxaKDNNvd
So, they were faithfully replicating the original?
I just want to play word games with Taboo’s rules.
62: Anonymous ID:X6RfN/a20
Looking at it again, Kuwabara really likes Yusuke, huh?
63: Anonymous ID:i4M3pOLRM
He’s in love with him(not in a homoerotic sense).
For Kuwabara, he’s the only person his age who couldn’t win a fight with him.
65: Anonymous ID:KAqElNsZ0
The reason why they switched to a battle manga
I wonder if it’s because it wasn’t popular in the beginning.
66: Anonymous ID:SxaKDNNvd
It’s exactly the same as Yu-Gi-Oh!
Though the later one is Yu-Gi-Oh.